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  1. Happened to me yesterday evening, as well. Received my husband’s green card in March, but got this notice at 8pm. Slightly freaking out, majorly annoyed at USCIS for the added stress and confusion.
  2. Same thing happened to me last night! Received an email and text update regarding my husband’s case, but we received a green card in the beginning of March! What the heck, USCIS.
  3. We do. I’ve just never heard of getting another “ready to schedule interview” update afterward. I’m certain it’s just a glitch, but I’m calling tomorrow to ease my mind. I just wanted to know if it had happened to anyone else. I know that we shouldn’t have to do anything else until the removing conditions part in two years, it’s just unsettling when I can’t call customer service until tomorrow.
  4. Hi all, I’m not sure whether to worry or not, so I figured I’d come here for help first! My husband received his 2-year conditional Green Card back in March after our interview. The day of his interview, we had just arrived back home and his case status changed to “New Card Produced.” He had it in days. The day we received it, the status changed to “Card has been mailed to you.” Here we are, four months later, and his case status changed back to “Ready for Interview.” Is this a weird glitch, or should we be worried?
  5. Congrats! I remember following your story from the K-1 days. I’m so glad things are going better this time around. Can’t wait to hear when you guys are finally all together in the States!
  6. As someone who just interviewed last week, our interview was a breeze. We didn’t have a lot of joint stuff, aside from a lease. We had a lot of photos and mail to the same address, and we had my friend right a letter of support. But it was generally not as scary as I’d thought it’d be. I brought a ton of stuff that the officer barely looked at. The are understanding that you can’t get a bank account, ID, or almost anything without an SSN. They mostly just wanted proof that we live together and actually do things together. We’ve still yet to receive Matt’s social security card, so we have to do that this Friday. Don’t stress too much. I seriously stressed myself out for no reason.
  7. You’re welcome! You’re correct that you submit a separate form for each sponsor. Basically, what you submit depends on your circumstances. If you need both parents’ income to meet poverty guidelines, each parent and yourself will fill out the I-134. Personally, I just used my mother as a co-sponsor for the K-1. The I-134 doesn’t hold as much weight for immigration because you will later submit the I-864 form later during adjustment.
  8. You fill one out, and your co-sponsor will fill one out. Make copies for your records, and sign them all. Send a copy with a wet (not photocopied) signature to your beneficiary. Since you’re the petitioner, you MUST fill out an I-134 yourself.
  9. Yes, provide them again. And you’ll need to bring them to the adjustment of status interview as well when the time comes.
  10. Yes. One of the first things the gentleman asked for was proof of residce. We had mail with both of our names on it, and a rental agreement.
  11. Matt had his interview this afternoon in Pittsburgh. We left pretty sure that he was approved, without the IO outright saying it. Within 15 minutes of our arrival home, I got an update- MATT IS APPROVED! We never received his Social Security Card after he got his EAD in February, so at the suggestion of the IO, we’re going to go back to the local SSA office once Matt has his green card in hand. He doesn’t see any legitimate reason for them to not give him his card by now, and a green card will get them moving. So thankful for this all to be over. ❤️
  12. Just a quick update- on January 23rd, Matt's interview was scheduled for March 4th. Today, his EAD was approved! We should be receiving his documents fairly soon. Life is finally settling down a bit.
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