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  1. Hi guys. We are getting ready for our K2 to follow process paying the BPI fees this week. Does anyone know what the current status is of the soonest available embassy interview dates are. I know those dates eill change but I would like a rough idea of where the process stands right now so we can plan accordingly. Thank you
  2. Hello guys i have a question for you all. My wife came to the USA on the K1 visa we got married on June 15th 2018 and her children are to follow under the k2 visas ages 3 and 6. If my wife does not receive the advance parole permission to travel is it possible for me to travel to the philippines and return with the children and if so what permissions would i need to bring with me. We have family taking care of them now and they will be utilizing the special power of attorney that we are providing for them to go to the medical and the interview they already have their passports. We just need to know if there is anything i need from my wife (Permission from her for the kids to travel with me) or special paper work for when we are departing the philippines. We are hoping the advance parole with happen before the time limit but we need to have a back up plan just in case any suggestions are welcome. The kids father is not active in their care. Thank you in advance
  3. Just to clarify K1 visa without RFE are still under a year 7 to 9 months (APPX 268 days per visa journey stats) from filing to visa in hand where spousal visas are taking well over a year (APPX 410 day per visa journey stats) so it is a personal decision on the individual couple which is superior and which works better for you. Its true that the cost is less and that you are a permanent resident upon arrival under the spousal visa. Basically all the "adjustment of status" work that would need to be done with a K1 visa is already complete but that is the very reason why it takes so much longer to complete the spousal. The pros of the K1 are you can be with your significant other much sooner the con is you still have to do the adjustment of status and wait on your green card once your here. This is very much the couples personal decision which is better or not but i recommend you research and see what the actual time lines are before making your final decision utilize multiple sources for your time line for example dont just use what i a saying as fact do some research and find your facts and what is the best decision for you. Good luck to you.
  4. Hi guys on occasion i have noticed there are scans that are posted on here that look like they are actually official scans from the USCIS with the most recent ones i have seen the WAC case numbers have been edited out which is good. My question is how do i find these scans and how come there have not been any posted recently. Thank you in advance.
  5. Hello folks. I have a question for you if any of you have expierince and can give me some answers with my concern. I have always lived in California when I was 17 (a minor) I had 1 arrest all 1 event with 3 misedemeanor charges that I plead guilty to in 1987 1. Under the influence of drugs 2. Under the influence of alcohol as a minor and 3. Vandalism (I was drunk and high throwing garbage cans around a park) and I had 1 arrest for Drunk driving and underage drinking in 1988 misdemeanor no accident or injuries it was a DUI on a moped 🙄... before I sent my petion in I went to the courts and requested all paperwork concerning both arrest. The arrest as a minor I was able to get all the information the individual charges probation fines etc made copies and sent it in with my petition. The adult charge the court had to do a detailed archive search and it’s been so long that they only had one paper that said I was guilty of a dui and I completed all the things that needed to be completed with that arrest.... this was 30+ years ago and since then I got my life together and I have been a Paramedic working in a 911 system since 2001. The arrest at 18 was the last criminal comtact I had with the law. My question is will I need to try and find more information on the adult case and if so where would I get that. It’s been so long that the court literally couldn’t find any info other than I completed what I was supposed to do. I’m just curious if anyone else has had any issues with simple non violent and non repetitive arrest and or criminal contact with law enforcement and what your expierince has been dealing with that. Thank you in advance
  6. I am considerably older than my fiance but one of the things i look for in a partner is that they have life experience. I am 48 and she is 25. My fiance has 2 children from a previous relationship and has dealt with a lot of drama in her life . She is very loving, caring, funny, responsible, and she gets things done. to keep it simple i will say this we enjoy each others company whether that is going to the movies going out to eat or hanging out and watching tv or listening to music or singing karaoke ( we love a lot of the same music) we love being together. Me personally if she didn't have all that life experience i don't know if we would have ever made it that far into this relationship . I know people here in the states the same age as her that i cant stand to hear talk because there is nothing of interest coming out of their mouth they still live at home with their parents and have never had to deal with any real life drama. Its nice to have someone who cares about my day asks me how i am doing if i have eaten tells me to drive safely and takes real concern in my general well being doesn't ask for or expect anything selfishly from me. For so many years i dealt with the what have you done for me lately and the gimme more money mentality it is nice not to have to deal with that kind of personality anymore. I am not one to judge anyone else motives in a relationship i am not with any of these couples 24 hours a day and i don't know what they talk about or how they live in their private time. i just know that i am grateful to have the woman i have now. Will she change in the future? hopefully only for the better as she grows as a person but i am sure she asks her self if i will change in the future. Again hopefully just for the better. No ones perfect but if we learn from our mistakes and change directions for the better that is what being responsible is all about.
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