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  1. I had to quote you with the above because that was what I went through my ex spouse..and I wrote all those in my affidavit in detail. I was just asking if those can be considered financial abuse . Apologies, I did not make it look like a question. I read what the other OP went through and it just opened old wounds in me. Thank you .
  2. If a spouse tells you to quit a job repeatedly because at the workplace she feels insecure about the women at the job..is that not financial abuse ? If a spouse, repeatedly calls you at your job at work hours, non stop trying to get you fired, is that not financial abuse ? If a spouse, while getting ready for work, ask you if you already put in application because she wants you to quit your job and you tell the spouse am keeping my job, and she in turn takes the knife she’s using to make breakfast for you that morning and slash your work back pack in halves is that not financial abuse ? If a spouse, decides not to pay the rent, and I gave her the rent on the second day of the month, and I thinking she paid the rent, comes home one night on the 18th day of the month and see court eviction letter on the door, I ask why the rent was not not paid on the 2nd day of the month, she tells me she can pay it anytime she likes and in the argument decides to hold the 955 dollar rent, goes inside to start packing my clothes, etc and tells me to leave and calls the cops to kick me out of the house is that not financial abuse ? Am asking these, because I went through all these and many more including being raped by my wife in the middle of the night . Men can be raped, not only women . thank you for your good job here @sandranj and happy thanksgiving to you and your family . God bless
  3. Am sorry you’ve waited this long for your I-360 receipt. Your attorney is callous and was not thinking about the success of his client but thinking about lining his or her pocket with a few more dollar of yours, he was hoping to charge you more when you receive RFE . it’s your choice to keep him as your attorney or continue. You can always send Vermont a letter saying you’d like to withdraw your legal representatives and intend to continue your application without an attorney on file . And USCIS, will communicate with only you . Most of us didn’t use an attorney, I don’t have money for one . And I can’t have an attorney ruin my case or give me headaches, I already received enough headaches from my abusive ex wife .
  4. Your username put the chills in me.. mail your RFE response to your local office .
  5. Good morning my friends, been a long time I’ve been here. I just received my Prima Facie (valid for a year ) . I don’t even know what to do with it 😂 Anyone living in Houston Texas, how can i use it to apply for Health and Dental insurance besides school benefits ?
  6. I hope it does not take long. Thank you for replying, I appreciate this .
  7. If I may ask you, how long did it take for you to receive the Ead renewal receipt ? I sent my October 10th this year, delivered the next day and I’ve heard nothing yet from USCIS Vermont .
  8. @sandranj does this apply to an I-485 that’s been waiting for a decision since after interview January 2019. What happens when am called for a second interview (stoke) and I go alone telling the officer, I filed vawa based on an abusive wife . If the officer denies my I-485, will my I-485 be denied again if I file concurrently linking them to my already filed I-360 ?
  9. @Ziongirl you’re one of the first persons I spoke to here regarding my issues. We both have same issues, finishing first interview and getting stoke . I’ve submitted my vawa, am waiting on the stoke . Am so happy for you . Am hoping I come here for my testimony too one day .
  10. I see so many approval in the last two days . Congrats . I hope donating plasma(blood) for money is not a public charge cause am so guilty LMAO
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