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  1. Hi !! Today i received my notices (ead, parole) but i figure it out it was opened both envelops. There are something i need to be worried?
  2. Guys Good News for me rigth now i got the status New Card Is Being Produced im so happy and i hope you get a new status.
  3. Only taking deep breath and wait for the next week.
  4. Congrats everybody!! I hope the next week we will have more good news.
  5. Maybe this is a good news i guess. but If that status is true from the website ... . That makes me think they finished with (august filers) and our EAD cards are in transit to home
  6. I thinking we need to set up our minds to wait at the end of the month or begining of december. Maybe we can get some surprises before that date :/
  7. I heard the same thing about the time. USCIS received my package 28 of august. When was your?
  8. Anyone applying from boston here?
  9. Yes you are right. I will lose all my hair and nails with this anxiety or stress.
  10. These are august documents processing xD.
  11. I received an Rfie in the last month. I guess took 2 weeks to change the status. Maybe your case will skip the status rfie received to ready for interview.
  12. Congrats!!! when was your PD.
  13. Thanks for the info. Im only want to gain some time in what i wait for the ead.
  14. THe change of the status is at the beginning of the day(12:00 am) or a random time.?
  15. The change of status was at "EAD in production! "the beginning of the day i mean 12:00 am ??? Im August Filler Case received 28 of august and i can't wait to get a new status.