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  1. That is great to know. Thank you so much!
  2. Got it, thanks for the advice. I am just worried if we go to the local SSA office and apply and then the DS-260 did actually go through, if that will affect his ability to get a SSN or just delay things more.
  3. ad8816

    Still no SSN in mail after 6 weeks

    We are experiencing the same thing, unfortunately. I just got off the phone with SSA (what a nightmare-- 2 hours on hold!) and got basically nowhere. The rep told me that 6-8 weeks is realistic with all the holidays and the govt. shutdown.
  4. Hello, Asking this question for my husband who entered the USA on 12/13/2018. On the DS-260, we opted for the SSN to be automatically sent upon entry. It says on the SSA site if the SSN is not received within 3 weeks, to inquire further. I just spent 2 hours on hold with SSA to receive no answers and to speak with a very confused representative, so I will ask here and hopefully get some advice. 1. Is the DHS affected by the government shutdown? The representative at the SSA told me this is the cause of the delay in transmitting information from the DHS to the SSA. 2. My husband received his green card within 2 weeks of entry into the United States, however, still no SSN on week 3. I figured it would take longer than 3 weeks, especially with Christmas and New Year holidays, however, he wanted to seek more information and we will go to the local SSA office next week. Should he just wait patiently, and is it normal to receive the green card before the SSN? Thank you!
  5. As an immigrant am I supposed to get the SSN in the mail or should I apply for one at the office? I remember reading that it should come automatically but it's been a while since I immigrated and I haven't gotten anything.
  6. Hello everyone~ My husband is moving to the USA in 2.5 weeks (finally!!!) and I was hoping to get his health insurance started ASAP so he will be covered when he gets here. I have some questions about using Medical through Kaiser Permanente and was hoping someone on here had experience with this. My husband is coming on an immigrant visa (CR-1 category) and I know with the affidavit of support, there are legal implications for becoming a "public charge" and using government services. However, I was hoping that healthcare and CoveredCa. is not considered being a public charge if he was to utilize that service. We surely will be accepted because of my income (I'm still at university and work part time), but I don't want to sign him up for anything if it will be violating what is in the affidavit of support. Final question is, will he need to physically be here to enter into a policy? Or can I get the policy set up for him in these days before he arrives? Thanks in advance!
  7. I did just this. Didn't add a hyphen or get rid of my middle name (which is very short, anyway) I just added my husband's last name. I wasn't prepared about having to change my name the date we got our marriage license....but they told me if I didn't change it then, at a later date if I wanted to change it, I would have to go through a legal court process. I sign my name sometimes with my maiden name and middle names as initials and then my married name, to answer your second question. It should not be a problem.
  8. Ehilà! We provided about 40 pictures (prints) in total for our I-130. I think 400 will be way too many, tbh. I totally understand you wanting to be thorough and provide the correct evidence of a bonafide marriage, but photos are only one portion of it. We also included joint bank account statements, 2 affidavits, screenshots of skype logs and call logs, as well as screenshots of Facebook posts involving my husband and me. In total, our petition was pretty thick, but nothing too crazy! I put things in clear sheet protectors and secured them all together at the top hole with one binder ring so it was organised, but not in an actual 3-ring binder. I also got sticky tabs which I numbered and placed on the pages according to the table of contents.
  9. I am thinking of calling NVC on Monday just to get some info about how long my husband should be waiting for this interview appointment letter. Will they give me any info beyond, "you're in line for an interview." Has anyone called NVC after their CC and what kind of info did they give you?
  10. 12 calendar days from 2nd submission of just the passport photo. If we count the day we submitted everything initially, it was 16 calendar days.
  11. Congratulations!!! Best wishes! 🤩
  12. Got a CC this morning at 5:50 am (California). First email received was one saying there was an updated status. The next email to arrive immediately was informing us of being "documentarily qualified" and that NVC would be working with Naples consulate.
  13. I am doing the same things too! I guess I'm hoping the more I call and pester them, maybe they'll just expedite the process so they won't have to get my calls anymore! 🤣
  14. Identical situation here. Tomorrow marks day 12 of re-submission for us. I am praying that we get some news. The process seems so close to being done, yet so far still. 😞