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  1. o sorry I can see how that was confusing, I wasn't trying to make a jab with that specific line, it was more about me not being an expert in this, even though I think it can be worthwhile to have one. but if someone had a recommendation for outside of the process I don't think they have to be interrogated, it's just a recommendation that wouldn't affect any of this c'est la vie
  2. At the end of the day it doesn't hurt to try. Some people think it takes you out of the queue until they decide, but I don't know if there's any truth to that. Keep in mind everyone is trying to expedite due to the pandemic, mostly with invalid reasons. I wouldn't think your situation would result in financial loss, it would be your choice not to work. Just an outside opinion
  3. They could do a better job with the instructions when it comes to the online form since you're more restricted in what you can enter, but you have to less worry about entering NA in the online version. Also they won't reject you for not entering it. This form was never affected by the no empty fields rule, which is no longer a rule anyway.
  4. I've 100% needed an apostile, and with that I don't need to make a false claim to be the most knowledgeable person about apostiles. and while searching on this site I saw stories about how people had issues while not living in the country anymore and had to pay someone or a lawyer to handle it for them. I didn't see anyone say it was mandatory you'll ever need it, it's a nice to have if you're in an easy situation to acquire it and usually earlier on it's easy for many people in certain situations. I know the pandemic has people stressed out. The mods posted a good article on how we can be more helpful.
  5. Was there specific instructions to do this? You should leave it blank, how would they know your middle name is not "NA"? That could be an actual middle name
  6. That doesn't determine the service center, you can't predict which it will be.
  7. Would be more helpful to put that info in your timeline. You can also check timelines for info. Also check out the regional forum.
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