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  1. Thanks for sharing, she goes back tomorrow to learn the results. Praying all goes well!
  2. Been a while since I have been here, Hope everyone is doing fine. So we had our medical date and interview date set. First it was the medical and that's where things did not go well. My fiancee went to St. lukes on March 1st, after all the testing she was told that there was an abnormality on her chest xray, but did not see TB so they told her to come back for 3 days and give a mucus sample each day, tomorrow will be her 3rd day. after talking with her, she explains to me that there are between 300 - 400 visa applicants with the same problem. Can this be possible? How can 300 people have chest abnormalities? I know St Lukes is the only place to get the medical as per the US embassy rules, but I am starting to think there is something not right, since they would not show her the xray results. They said it is not their practice to show xrays, which I find hard to believe since we paid for the medical exam and have every right to see them. Now we have to wait for the results of the mucus samples, and she was told even if the results are negative she still has to take anti biotics for 2 months be fore being cleared medically. Why would you have to take medication if the results are negative, something seems corrupt to me. And worst case, if the results are positive she has to take anti biotics for 6 months and then take the whole medical exam again and pay the fee again. Has anyone else in my VJ family had this issue if so please give your advice. Thanks!
  3. No I did not receive anything, just an alert on my tracker. How do they actually notify you via email or do they send the packet to my fiancee in the Philippines since she is the beneficiary and the Embassy is in Manila?
  4. My NVC case tracker just notified me my case went from In Transit to Ready at Embassy! Wow things went fast once at NVC. Now the last steps, My Filipina Princess can schedule Her medical and interview. Woohoo! Thank you God for all my Blessings! 8 months, 2 weeks to this point! May 14 Noa 1 received
  5. Congrats @mcs wish you only the best my friend!
  6. I received an alert on my NVC case tracker today, IN TRANSIT to Philippine Embassy only 3 days after NVC received 1/22 I know they send it electronically so It should be at the embassy soon. One thing I can share from experience is that the longest wait is from NOA1 received to NOA2 approved, in my case 7 months. After that things go quickly, so a word of advice, be Patient, Pray always and never give up the Faith. A shout out to all my May filers, to many to mention .We 're almost there. Thanks for all your advice and support. A special shout out to Shoegum, thanks for all you do. You made the process bearable. Wish you only the best brother! Thank you God for all my Blessings!
  7. ok thanks what and where is bpi
  8. I am a little confused, do I the petitioner fill out the ds160, and also what is BPI to pay visa fee
  9. Congrats on yours and thanks for the info, finally were almost there!
  10. I think they assigned some today, mine only took 5 days
  11. My NVC received 1/17/18, I called today and it was assigned a Case number and Invoice ID today 1/22/18 Surprisingly it only took 5 days. They informed me that it will be sent to the Embassy in Manila and should only take a short period of time for the embassy to receive it and to wait to hear from the embassy before doing anything else. Does anybody have an idea what will be the next step and how long before interview time. May 14, 2017 Noa 1 received, 1/22/18 NVC case number assigned. 8 months 8 days to this point, what a ride it has been, I'm sure all my May filers no what I mean.
  12. I am with you on that my friend. I always have better luck and less wait in the evening hours
  13. Thanks pal, where to I get the DS 160, do I fill it out or my fiance, I am the petitioner
  14. Congrats Shoey, mine also was received today, I called yesterday and it was not there yet, evidently they got a batch today. If anybody deserves good news it is you. Thanks again for all you do here. Once we are all married we have to have a May filer reunion!