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  1. Because the officer herself was friendly. We answered the questions she asked, and when she commented about something we replied lightheartedly, y'know, like a conversation. No one's underestimating the seriousness of the actual interview, but you usually need to read the room, no?
  2. Hello, I am currently an Adjustment of Status beneficiary through my wife who's a US citizen. We got married in April of 2017, filed for my AoS on August of 2017, and had our I-485 interview on Nov, 2018. Our first interview went incredibly well, with us mostly smiling and making comments at each other, which ended with the officer stating that she needed to submit the case to her supervisor for a review and telling us the terms for the 2 year green card and renewal process. We were told that we'd receive an RFE about my transcript and financials, which we responded to in December. Then in January we received an RFE addressed to my wife (I-130) asking for proof of bona fide marriage. The Field office Directory recently has changed inbetween receiving our two RFEs. We literally responded and sent it back last week. Today, I received a letter addressed to me(the beneficiary) stating an appointment in middle of March, 2019 at Imperial Field Office. The letter doesn't state that it would be videotaped, it simply says "Ask for: Duty Officer, Reason for Appointment: I-485 interview." In the "Bring with you" section it says both me and my wife must be present, 2 forms of valid ID, this letter, and bring a list of ALL addresses and time on each while in the US." I've attached a copy of the letter. I'm also including a link to HQ version just in case it's unreadable: https://imgur.com/a/UxKmyHT I'm thoroughly confused as to the purpose of such appointment. Is it a Stokes interview? Is it a general follow up interview? I also heard here that if this form is addressed to the beneficiary it's not a stokes but if it's addressed to the petitioner it is? I'm not sure if that's true or not. In any case, I'd really love it if someone could shed a light on what the heck might it be.
  3. Thanks, I'm just confused because I am getting mixed information online since the 797C notice also says "Not proof of any immigration benefit or status" and my passport would have an expired visa, so would my I-20.
  4. Hi guys So a bit of background first. I was on a student visa for about three years, got married early this year. My F1 status expired due to me not enrolling around May. My I-94 however, says D/S. My Visa on my passport also was only valid until June 2017. I filed for AoS this August (married to a US citizen) and for some personal reasons we have to cross the internal checkpoints between Phoenix and San Diego. I have received my first NOA, the I-797Cs. I was curious if I showed this to the CBP staff at the internal checkpoints while travelling within the USA, would it be sufficient? Anyone gone through the same process before? Thanks.
  5. Alright so updates. I got the NOA1 in the mail today. Like I said, four of them. One each for 130, 485, 131 and 765. I guess I accidentally attached a eNotification thing to the wife's I-130. It was in her name so *shrug* Timeline so far, Aug 18, filed. Aug 21, received. Aug 29, eNotification NOA1 September 5, NOA1
  6. Actually got the notification via email today. Four of them, strangely. (I'm guessing 130, 485, 131 and 765). Didn't get any texts. Money order.
  7. AoS packet (concurrent filing with I-130/I-485) along with EAD & AP Sent August 18 Delivered August 21 ...still no word.