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  1. Congrats I got mine too! Time to enjoy it for two years before having to worry again lol
  2. I did everything myself and my wife recently received her greencard. It honestly just comes down to following the instructions right down to the last detail. If you're ever unsure of something just ask on here.
  3. I'm the petitioner and had my interview yesterday. The officer went over the information on packet 485. This is what we handed over to her: My copy of my birth certificate Copy of marriage certificate My wife's translated birth certificate Copy of my driver's license Copy of my wife's passport/Visa in passport I-94 Most recent W2 (almost didn't bring it) Showed her a ton of pictures of us from the beginning to present day. She made a copy of 10 recent pictures. I stupidly did not apply for an EAD/AP so my wife never got a social so I lacked a lot of joint evidence. I had a Power of Attorney given to my wife notarized and an affidavit from my father notarized saying we are in a bonafide marriage. I was already thinking they were going to deny me on the lack of joint evidence but she said it was enough and approved our greencard. The information I needed to know was the dates on when I visited my wife and when we got married. Good luck!
  4. Had the interview this morning and we were approved! So happy this is finally over. The officer was extremely friendly and overall a nice person. She asked if I hired a lawyer to fill out my paperwork and I told her I did everything on my own and she said she figured because I made a common mistake on form I-485 but was easily fixed. When I told her lawyers charge way too much she said that they usually make the same mistake I did if not more mistakes and in her opinion, aren't worth it. Anyway she just confirmed what was on form I-485, asked when we got married, when I visited my wife the first time and how many times I visited. We showed her a lot of pictures and she said she's been doing this job for a long time and she knows what she's looking for. Told us that we will get our greencard usually within two weeks.
  5. Okay perfect I will definitely bring a copy, thanks for the answer!
  6. I have my interview coming up and forgive me if this is a dumb question but I already submitted form I-864 with all of my evidence. I honestly don't remember getting a copy back and if I did I misplaced it. In the interview instructions on what to bring it says bring I-864 with all required evidence unless already submitted. Does that mean they will have a copy or would I need to print all of it again?
  7. I just checked and it is not. Everything has been scheduled through Los Angeles but I just checked and it looks like my new zip code pointed me towards San Bernardino.
  8. So I moved a couple of months back but did not let USCIS know for fear of having my case delayed. Will this be a problem come time for the interview? All of my documents have been updated to my new address already but I never sent in a change of address.
  9. Wow so lucky! I'm still waiting for my interview but I'm in the same boat as you. I did not apply for EAD or AP as well. I was reading that having a power of attorney, wedding certificate, wedding photos and photos in general should be enough. If you're paranoid like me though you'll just take everything and more.
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