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  1. For those that have a green card now and have travelled outside the US, did you need anything other than passport and green card?
  2. I have received my green card now, do I need a new Social Security card? I was here on a TN visa so my card says "Valid for Work Authorization Only."
  3. The whole process is nerve racking until the card is in hand! Good luck hope it comes soon!
  4. We had our interview in Charlotte on Tuesday, Sept 24, and had a similar experience. I wonder if you had the same officer we had, last name was Tackett I believe. He was very friendly and asked nothing about us at all except those standard questions from the form, after the interview he told us we had a 99.9% chance of approval but his supervisor did the final approvals, so we assumed he might have been newer. But I was nervous how long that would take, our status changed the Friday in the middle of the night to case approved and we received my card end of last week.
  5. Great to hear it went well! We had ours today and it was super fast and went well! He didn't ask any questions except the usual I-130 and I-485 ones. How long after did yours change to Case Approved or New card being produced?
  6. Good luck in your interview tomorrow! It would be awesome if you could post an update of how it goes and if there is any specific documents asked for or preparation that we should do. Our interview is next Tuesday.
  7. I'm not sure what the number is, it should be on their website. But when your case changes to ready to be scheduled you don't usually receive a letter. Ours changed a while ago and then when it changes to "Interview was Scheduled" you get a letter with a date. You're in line to be scheduled now.
  8. My EAD just changed to card being produced last night and I didn’t file an expedite request, just an FYI for people waiting 😄
  9. Hey! Mine is Sept 24, you'll have to let me know how yours goes and if there is anything I should bring or prepare
  10. People that have had an interview - Do they ask for the petitioners original birth certificate? My husband (petitioner) only has a copy of his, he also has a passport which would prove citizenship
  11. Charlotte, NC filers - How long after your interview being scheduled was the actual interview? Also, what all are you planning on bringing other than a copy of the original package?
  12. My case status just changed to interview was scheduled in Charlotte, NC!!
  13. Super exciting! I am Charlotte as well, filed March 29 so praying mine comes any day!
  14. Oh wow that changed a lot I feel like, but that’s awesome I’m less than 30 days away from being able to contact them and ask. Hopefully doesn’t change!
  15. I think most people did it all at the same time, I filed mine 3/29 and still haven't received the EAP/AP or had my interview scheduled. I think it takes 6-8 months right now.
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