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  1. Just want to see if anyone here has a similar issue to me. My local office is Charlotte, NC and I had my biometrics done on 4/22, as of 4/25 my case status was updated to say that the fingerprint review was completed but I have had no update since. Should I call USCIS and ask? It seems like it usually takes a week to be "Ready to Schedule for Interview."
  2. I did 2 for every form, I know some of the forms go different places for review and approval
  3. I'm the same! I had my biometrics on April 22 and I've received no updates, I've been getting concerned also. Glad to hear someone else dealing with this too
  4. My NOAs were dated April 4th and received them on the 5th, then I just had my biometrics appt yesterday so was just under 3 weeks. I'm not really sure what happens after the biometrics now, I guess just waiting.
  5. Good luck with getting through it quickly as well! I am fairly certain that as long as you don't leave the country you are still able to work under your TN until the green card is approved, so you shouldn't have an issue. It is a long time not to leave the country though!
  6. Hello, I received my biometrics letter in the mail today and my appt is scheduled for later in April. I was thinking I'd just go tomorrow morning first thing, has any one had any experience walking in early at the Charlotte office they can share? Also, is there a benefit to going earlier and getting it done? I.e. speed up the process even two weeks?
  7. Sent in mail on 3/29, was delivered 3/31 and received texts at 12:30am on 4/5, still waiting on NOAs! Excited to get the journey rolling, adjusting from TN.
  8. Yes, so we having included 'Copy of page 1 of 2017 and 2018 tax returns for both the Petitioner and Beneficiary as proof of address' but we werent married at any of the dates to file jointly so that doesnt really help that. With the dog we honestly were throwing in anything we can think of that proves were together!
  9. Hi there, I just wanted to post what I have pulled together for our evidence of bona fide marriage. I understand that there is always more you can add, but is this enough? I'm concerned about missing an area that they require? Mainly, my husband and I live together but all of the bills are in his name, we had contacted the company's and asked for them to add both of us over a year ago and not one was able to to do it so that concerned me not having bills in the package. Here's what we have: Joint ownership of property: 1. Copy of Register of Deeds for jointly owned current residence 2. Copy of Notice of 2019 Real Estate Assessed Value of jointly owned current residence – Addressed to both the Petitioner and Beneficiary Financial Documents: 1. Copy of page 1 of joint Bank 1 bank statements from October 13, 2017 to January 11, 2019 2. Copy of joint Bank 2 bank statements from January 25, 2019 to February 28, 2019 3. Copy of joint Bank 3 High Yield Savings statements from October 1, 2018 to February 28, 2019 4. Copy of American Express Credit Card statement detailing spending by Petitioner and Beneficiary from September 2018 to February 2019 5. Copy of joint Bank 1 Loan statement from April 2018 to March 2019 Other Relevant Documentation providing proof of relationship: 1. Copy of Petitioner and Beneficiary’s drivers licenses 2. Copy of page 1 of 2017 and 2018 tax returns for both the Petitioner and Beneficiary as proof of address 3. Copy of Beneficiary’s employment contract at Employer as proof of address 4. Beneficiary’s Benefit Confirmation provided by employer providing that the Petitioner is the sole beneficiary on all insurance 5. Petitioner’s Life Insurance policy provided by employer providing that the Beneficiary is the sole beneficiary on life insurance upon death 6. Petitioner's investment account providing that the Beneficiary is the sole beneficiary upon death. 7. Copy of page 1 of joint lease agreement of Apartment commencing on October 1, 2017. Joint address of Petitioner and Beneficiary from October 1, 2017 to December 10, 2017 8. Copy of Health Warranty and Purchase Agreement from July 2018 with Miniature Labradoodles for the joint purchase of puppy by both the Petitioner and Beneficiary. Notes joint address as well. 9. Copy of employment contracts from Employer providing timeline for when the Petitioner and Beneficiary met 10. Copy of NC insurance policy on 2018 and 2019 vehicle insured to Petitioner and Beneficiary 11. Copy of joint Costco membership information 12. Copy of joint flight tickets issued 13. Photos to prove the relationship The areas in italics were just updated for posted online but we were specific with bank names, employers etc. Thank as always for the help!
  10. Great, I just wanted to confirm, in the instructions it mentions to include so i didn't know that was required or optional as support.
  11. Hi all, just working on my I485/I130 etc. and was curious if anyone knows for sure if affidavits are required? It's not an issue of getting them just more an inconvenience for family and friends, my husband and I have been living together for 2.5 years and have plenty to support we are in a relationship. Thanks!
  12. I am filing the I485 and currently am in the US on a TN Visa. Does anyone have this experience and is the I693 required? Thanks!
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