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  1. Hi Salahadin. I mailed them regarding this and they replied that I do not need to register and just come for interview as scheduled.
  2. Hi guys, I'll be having my interview soon and my medical is done but I got problem with the registration for courier services. I would like to ask if anyone has been or has any idea how US Embassy Riyadh courier registration services works. I followed instructions to register but there's no CR1 or IR1 available, Just K3 Visa. Tried using it but of course its asking DS-160 while ours is DS-260. I am confused because I know I need to register but why the details are not fit for our apllication. If I dont register and pay, will they give me options in the Embassy (if ever approved) on how I could claim my passport?. Hope someone could help. Thank you in advance.
  3. Thank you for affirming it. I appreciate all your responses to all my queries. You are very helpful. God bless you.
  4. Correct, It'll delay more, I'll just wait for the whole process here in Riyadh. Until when is the visa valid when issued? coz like, I want to go back to the Philippines and see my parents first then fly from Manila to Chicago. Will that matter if I got the visa here? should fly from here too? No, right? I see, Thank you for sharing your experience. I needed that.
  5. Hi guys, just wondering if any one knows the estimated time for spouse visa if filed here in Saudi Arabia. I know the process depends but I want to know if there is anyone who got experience. My main concern and problem is I can't decide if I'll go for exit and transfer my case in the Philippines or wait for the visa and process all here in Saudi Arabia. We just filed last July 16, 2018. Thank you very much.
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