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  1. We can easily take care of parents since we live together.
  2. We do file our tax jointly. We only didn't do that in 2014.
  3. I submitted medical and property powers of attorney already. I can't resubmit those again.
  4. conEdison can't do that. Have to close and reopen if any change to the account. Thank you though.
  5. I can't. I have to visit my parents there. Haven't back for 3 yrs. They are expecting me and my husband already. I am starting gathering more documents now. I will organize and double check all the documents together when I am back on March 2. Thank you for you all help. Really appreciate!
  6. He is going back with me too.
  7. I have my board exam to prepare before I leave for China on Jan 27. So time gonna be too tie if I plan to send them in before my trip
  8. one question. We pay for the Utility bill, but the name is under my father in law and sister in law's name. I called conEdison, they have to close the current account, open a new one if I want to change to our name. If I do so, I only gonna have one-month bill statement, which is February, shows our name because I plan to mail in the documents in March. Do you think is it necessary to switch the name at this point??
  9. Clearly, I didn't know that. I thought I just need to show them the most recent months banking statement. I didn't know I need to start from the beginning of my marriage.....
  10. I was in F1 student visa back in 2014, I don't have income, so I didn't file the tax 2014. My husband's accountant files his tax as"marriage file separately". Can I write a short statement to explain why I didn't have tax 2014?? Otherwise, I don't know how to fix this one.
  11. Yeah, I can imagine the enormous pile of the file now..... How can I mail in the giant file now? I used file envelope and certified mail last time. This time, I don't think the envelope can fit the thick file..... Can I use a box?! I will mail in after I come back from China. I come back on Mar 2.
  12. We pay for the conEdison bills, but the name is my dad's name. I gonna call conEdison to change to our name. We have joined checking account, submitted 8 months' statement. It said 8 months is not enough. I will submit all 4 yrs banking statements. I also submitted the statement from Geigo says that I am "listed as drivers and /or named insureds for the referenced policy". We live in the city, I use public transportation most of the time. I only drive occasionally. My husband drives the car most of the time.
  13. We live with parents. I did submit a letter from my parents stated that we have been living with them for over 7 yrs. And we do have jointed checking account. I am the authorized user of my husband's credit card. But for most of the time, we used our own cc, all credit card payment is from the jointed checking account.
  14. I know I know. send all 4 yrs' statements in!!! Thx
  15. from the time of our marriage, which is December 2014 until now for the bank statements and other supporting documents?? That gonna be a giant thick file to send in.