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  1. Hi Do they still give appointments to those who missed it? And for those who get interviewed theses days do they get waviers?
  2. Any updates. I am soooo sick from this travel ban
  3. I read the news, but i am still confused. Are they going to stop even the visa for us spouses???
  4. Can you explain of what you mean. I heard few people came in the last few weeks got their visa and came to the u.s?
  5. How long does it take for them to send interview letter?
  6. Did nvc start scheduleling for January???
  7. Thank you for sharing with the updates. Inshaallah the mom gets her soon.
  8. I think u can, u can get into djibouti with ur form ds-260
  9. Did ur wife get her visa, or do they still put people under administrative processing for few months
  10. Did ur wife get interview scheduled??
  11. They are starting scheduling interviews for December. Inshaallah she gets interviewe scheduled these two weeks.
  12. For those who will get interviews do they still have to go to sudan then to djibouti, or did they can go from aden directly to djibouti?
  13. Thank for let me know. And i hope ur wife gets her visa fast. I was hoping to get interview letter in these two weeks for December, but it sounds i have to wait another month.