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  1. Hello All, I am writing this from my recent experience with CR1 visa. Me and my husband are Muslims - I am an Indian citizen and my husband is a US citizen. We only had a Nikahnaama from Qaazi at the time of submitting documents to USCIS for i130, and were afraid if it will be accepted. So we submitted some photographs from our marriage and sworn affidavits from people from India and USA who attended our wedding that happened in India. By God's grace, we never received any RFE. So, I would say that if husband and wife are both muslims and the wedding happened in India, and one of the spouses is an Indian citizen, you don't have to get your marriage registered, and can submit Nikahnaama from your Qaazi along with some sworn affidavits from wedding attendees both from USA and India. The Nikahnaama has a number on its top which the nikah committee submits to the government. You can also confirm this with your Qaazi who issue it to confirm if it gets registered with the government. Also, you don't have to worry about it at the NVC too. And also at the time of interview at US embassy in India. Our Nikahnaama was well accepted at all of these places and we did get my green card at the end of this process. Just wanted to share this information as I could find nothing when I was eagerly looking for it. Also you can look at this image and this source link to confirm what I said - https://in.usembassy.gov/u-s-citizen-services/marriage/ Thank You! P.S - This is what I am sharing from my experience and you may want to confirm from other places too as every case is different in its own.
  2. Wow this is exactly the date when I asked you if there's any update... Congratulations!!
  3. Yes, I got a similar email today after Case Complete yesterday. it asks to bring W2 forms related to 2016 tax returns at the time of interview.
  4. No, I don't think so! like most of the people here who have had the status changed to at nvc meant CC. So, let's be positive.
  5. I don't know . Mine shows the same too. But nvc is closed now.. so we have to wait till tomorrow to call n ask. I'm just hoping this doesn't have anything to do with checklist.
  6. This means the interview dates will take longer than ever now, as the cases are now all going to go to Mumbai?
  7. Yes, you need to get PCC issued from the passport office now, as you need to submit it to NVC when you submit all docuemnts. You can apply it on the online portal, and an interview will be scheduled. You will get the PCC from the passport office the same day. It's a pretty simple process.
  8. Hey, my husband called NVC tomorrow to find out if they received, but they only told us that USCIS has sent it to us, which we already know. Do you have any update on your case?
  9. No we too have our case status changed to 'Sent to DOS' just yesterday. Maybe it was the after effect of your husband calling them. Now let us keep calling NVC. Hoping for the best!
  10. Same. So does that mean it is going to take another 6 weeks to reach to NVC?
  11. Mine is Dec 1 too, and hearing that they must have lost our file. I'm distressed. And we had started callinf the NVC only 1 week after, and has been asked to wait till 6 weeks. So, your calling them wouldn't have changed anything. don't regret. I don't know what should we do now. Just pray that they receive all of ours file soon.
  12. Wow, even my case was approved on Dec 1, and NVC hasnt received it yet!
  13. I don't know if it is normal or not, nut you aren't alone. We are also Dec1, and the 6 weeks time period has already passed, and NVC hasnt received ours too.
  14. Thanks, it helps a bit to know m not alone. and that when we have the exact same date of approval And your words help!