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  1. See that's the weird thing! We only have one address for our physical and mailing. So I just wrote a letter restating that the addresses were the same and reconfirming the address. I just find it weird that the RFE is for my address, yet they were able to mail the RFE to the correct address.....?!?! What do you mean you sent an updated travel document?
  2. I just got the same RFE saying "Please provide the physical address of your residence and your mailing address." What I don't understand is that they were able to send the RFE to my physical and mailing address...which is the same on all the forms I have submitted...so do I just write a letter reaffirming my address?
  3. Hoping some people could chime in on this topic, any advice would be much appreciated! I came from Canada into the US on a K1 visa in fall 2018, am currently in AOS, and my US husband and I are looking to buy a home in the US very soon. My parents are going to gift me some money to help with the down payment. I know that there are no gift taxes in Canada for parents giving cash to their children. Here are our options we have come up with: 1. They transfer the money from their Canadian account into my Canadian TD account. I have a TD cross boarder account, in which I would then transfer the money over to my US-based TD account, but the amount will be over $10K and I don't want to do too many small amount transfers between my cross-border accounts. Are there any tax implications for this? I am simply transferring money between my cross-border accounts. 2. The other option we are considering is my parents would transfer the full amount of money from their Canadian account directly into my US-based TD account, either through the bank or something else like TransferWise. If we do this, do we then need to submit the IRS 3520 form for foreign gifts, in which it would be excluded from taxes? Can this form be filed out of I am not technically a US citizen yet, being in AOS? What is the cheapest option if we do this, bank or Transferwise? Trying to figure out the simplest and least expensive/least tax heavy option! If anyone has a better option, please advise. Thanks everyone.
  4. Does anyone know the DMV laws for Illinois? I want to the DMV (in Downtown Chicago) today but didn't have my AOS I-797, so he told me to bring that but said it had to have "C6" or "C-06" somewhere on it in order to issue me a DL. My I--94 is expired and I am still waiting to get my EA and AP approved....
  5. Hi everyone, I haven’t been able to find much on what happens when they can’t find your entry into the US on file when applying for your Social Security Number (SSN), so hoping someone can help out! I visited the Social Security office in Chicago two weeks after entering the US, and after getting married. When I went to the office, I brought my marriage certificate as well, and was looking to get a new SSN with my new name as well. They couldn’t find the entry into the US on file even thought I brought a copy of my electronic I-94, so they ended up giving me a reference number and saying it could take up to 4 weeks. It has now been 5 weeks and I still haven’t received anything in the mail. I’ve called the Social security phone number a couple of times and after waiting an hour each time, they have told me they can’t look up the status of my social security number, as they don’t have access to that function. Does anyone one know if there is a way to speed this up? Has anyone else been in a similar situation where it took forever to receive your SSN? I am planning on visiting the office again in person to see if they can give me an update, but not sure if they will have any information. I am waiting for my SSN to submit my AOS paperwork, and I want the number so I can fill in to all the documentation requiring it. Any help or advice would be much appreciated!
  6. It’s been just over 10 months since first submitting for our K-1 and finally approved! It’s the best feeling updating your timeline on VJ. I did my interview in Montreal this week, so if anyone has any questions regarding the US Embassy in MTL, I wrote a review (http://www.visajourney.com/reviews/view-dos-cis-reviews.php?entry=24314), but don’t hesitate to reach out! VJ has been extremely helpful so hoping to pass the help along!
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