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  1. (Edited) I know this was one of the embassies they closed a few years back. It must have reopened? Thank you so so much! I’ll have them look into it.
  2. Yes, it was previously posted that REFUSAL rates were 62%, but not OVERSTAY rates.
  3. I didn't know that Georgia was among the highest overstay rates. I think I'm going to encourage my in-laws to wait it out via Moscow for their next attempt. Thanks so much!
  4. "Your spouse already showed that she violated the terms of her J1, so their B1/2 will be denied with the same concern." This is an example of an unhelpful answer. My wife didn't "violate" her J1. There are many people who meet people while on this visa. We married and filed the AoS before her J1 even expired. I read each answer and while many are helpful (and I truly appreciate everyone taking their time to reply), there are definitely ones that aren't really helpful.
  5. Yeah, there have been some helpful answers here and some not so much. I'm just glad there's a place to discuss with others who have been through the same situations. I'm glad to hear your family has been able to visit, that's how it should be! My wife is torn between having them try Tbilisi again within 2 months, or wait the 10-12 months for Moscow.
  6. Sure seems that way! My wife has a friend who works at a travel agency in Russia and they even tell clients to go to Georgia instead of waiting for Moscow.
  7. In the past 5 to 10 years, they have each traveled to a total of 5 countries in Europe and Africa (Egypt). They didn't overstay a single time. I totally get the fact that it might seem suspicious to bypass their home country's consulate, but it's a move simply because the wait times in Georgia are 10x less. My wife and I talked last night and I think they're going to file in Moscow and just wait it out and pray.
  8. When we visited them, they paid for everything, and refused to let us pay for anything other than one meal the 3 weeks we were there. It’s nothing more.
  9. A lot of Russians have been going to Georgia since the US and Russia have closed each others consulates in their respective countries. My wife knows people who filed in Russia who's application has expired due to the fact it's only good for a year, and their interview was after the year threshold, making them go through the entire process again. It's not cutting corners, it's just more efficient. But I do understand where you're coming from. My wife didn't "use" her J1 to stay permanently. She, like many others around the country, met someone while on a visa and fell in love.
  10. Valid points, I appreciate the feedback. Yeah, I've been reading a few today, and our first initial reaction this morning when we found out was shock and thought that it was a mistake or her parents did something wrong. I didn't know tourist visas refusal rates were as high as they are.
  11. That's really the only thing we can think of. To be completely honest, we wanted to do the K1 Visa application that summer (2017) but literally as we were filing out papers and doing research, Trump and Putin began their peeing contest closing each others consulates. So we didn't want to risk a scenario where it took > 3 years for a process that was under 1 before.
  12. I'll check to see if they have a copy of their papers. The current wait time for an interview in Russia is 300 days due to the country only having one US Consulate left (Moscow). There have been stories of people waiting for an interview and the interview has exceeded the year long time window, requiring them to resubmit their application again. Whereas the wait time in Georgia is 28 days.
  13. They own a home and car in the city they live in. What else is needed? Her father owns a business and he can't be away for too long at a time anyways. We even talked about possibly him traveling back to Russia a week before her mom returns.
  14. A big thing that worries me further is when we have children. The thought of them not even being able to see their only grandchildren here haunts me. Sure, we can visit them. However, it's crazy that they won't be allowed to visit.
  15. Yeah I know, that's why we didn't buy any tickets this time 😆. When you say their situation (ties to home) have changed, what do you mean? How can two people in their 50's change their ties to home? They have never been here, and we want to show them a bunch of places here, you know, things tourists do lol.
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