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  1. So am I reading the processing times right? We were previously living in San Francisco and I received orders transferring me to New Haven Connecticut. We moved and got a house here now and submitted the AR-11 with the new address so that's all good. I'm guessing this automatically transfers the case (and therefore the interview) to Hartford CT field office from the San Francisco office correct? I checked the processing times for both and they both say between 17 to 22 months. So basically its taking about 2 years from the time application is received to the time an interview is scheduled? My wife already did her biometrics in February and its been stuck on ready to be scheduled.
  2. This is a huge longshot but I may as well ask. There's plenty of communities/groups/forums on the internet for American or European expats who move to other countries (especially Asia); unfortunately as those groups are geared towards that group they're not keen or friendly on entertaining questions regarding those in the opposite situation. My wife is thankfully now in the U.S. with me and we're doing pretty well, waiting for the next step in the immigration process. However now we got a kid on the way and there's certain things that we wish we could discuss with other couples like us who have raised or are raising their kids in the U.S. (for example citizenship issues on the Japanese side, international schools, medical records etc etc). This has so far proven to be impossible for me to find. I suspect its probably because the ones that exist are run by the immigrant and in Japanese rather than English. However if someone happens to know of a group like this - or if you're in the same boat yourself, I would greatly appreciate being pointed in the right direction. I appreciate that people here are much more friendly and helpful to those found in toxic expat communities of other countries - speaks volumes to the kind of people the U.S. is exporting around the world. Thanks in advance
  3. It took about 3 weks in our case if I remember correctly. It'll arrive with plenty of time to spare. I wouldn't worry about it. On a more off-topic note does anyone happen to know of any forums, groups etc of people in a similar situation to ours? (Married to a Japanese spouse living abroad). I am interested if it happens to exist because of course even after the visa and green card etc are approved, there are issues that pertain uniquely to those in our situation. Especially when it comes to children. I posted on Reddit recently about the procedure for registering me and my wife's child with the Japanese government hoping someone that was in the same boat could offer some advice just as we do here. Instead of help I received multiple comments about how I need to "let my wife be an adult" , not be a "gaijin husband that doesn't trust Japanese" , and "stop asking things online so I can feel like an man and tell her what to do". I don't know what it is with Japaense expat groups but they are by far the most bitter and unhelpful group of people I've had the displeasure of knowing. Appreciate any help.
  4. Good afternoon. I'm currently TDY at A-School while my wife is back home in San Francisco. We have an I-485 Adjustment of Status application in progress and are awaiting the scheduling of an interview at the San Francisco office, as well as approval of EAD and AP. My wife is currently in the U.S. with her K-1 visa. I will return to my unit June 28th and will have about a week of admin work before I am to depart on PCS orders to my next unit in Connecticut. This means my wife and I will be driving for about 12 days and once we arrive will go house hunting for a rental. We wont have an address for about a month at the worst depending how quick we find a place. Obviously I cannot file a change of address at either USPS or USCIS without having an address first - So the question is how I handle tihs situation. The two main issues are: 1. Receiving correspondence and possibly EAD/AP in the mail during the PCS 2. Having the interview scheduled during th PCS, and in the San Francisco office. Can someone please advise on what to do in this situation? Is receipt of these PCS orders a valid reason to request an expedite of the application? Finally, would changing our address possibly cause our wait time to get even longer? I appreciate your help.
  5. Thank you. Although some places I might get stationed can be remote example if we're stationed in Valdez Alaska getting to a USCIS office is not really an easy task
  6. Good Afternoon, My wife and I were married in Dec of 2018 and we applied for AOS which was received on January 31 of this year. I have received orders to attend a 3-month A-School (like tech school or AIT but for the USCG) during which time my wife will remain in the San Francisco Bay area and I will be living in barracks in Yorktown Virginia. After I finish school, I will receive orders to PCS elsewhere; I don't know where it could be to stay in SF but at another unit, or go to Florida or New York or Guam. It seems that the processing time for AOS from a K-1 in the San Francisco office is taking about 1.5 to 2 years. Which is long even for AOS compared to other offices (such as Kentucky which is taking like 3 months!). This will be my first PCS and I am going to be honest I have no idea what I am doing. I am wondering what would happen to my case when I PCS. I know she has to fill out a change of address form and report her new address to DHS - does this mean that the I-485 AOS case will be transferred from San Francisco to the most local office at our new unit? Or are we going to have to fly over here to do an interview if its after we PCS? Our status says "ready for an interview" although we don't have a date scheduled yet. If it is schedules while I am in A-School in Virginia, is she going to be able to complete the interview without me? Should I call USCIS and inform them that I will be TDY to another state and can't attend an intervie wif one is scheduled at that time? The only thing the website states is for members stationed overseas or deployed. Lastly this may be a longshot but would it be a possibility to get the case expedited due to the upcoming PCS? The USCG is the ugly little brother of the Pentagon and we don't have big legal offices on base like the rest of the services. Our office is one guy who has no idea what he's doing and a petty officer who acts as a paralegal. I don't know if I can use legal services at Travis AFB which is the nearest DoD base. I also read on the USCIS website there's some sort of email address for military. Is that true? Thank you for your help.
  7. The correct one for the Chicago lockbox for USPS. I did not address it with the one for FedEx etc. It said it arrived at the po box on the 19th waiting to be picked up
  8. Anyone else that experienced this issue? It said on 01/19 that it was waiting to be picked up from the PO box and now it looks like this: USCIS has not sent an email or text message for e-notification; which we placed the e-notification forms on the top. Should I contact USCIS first or USPS to get it returned to me? Wife's visa expires in about 3 weeks and we want this thing to arrive before then to avoid any issues. Thank you
  9. My wife arrived in December wiht her K-1 Visa. After manual verification, her SS card finally arrived with her maiden/passport name and "Valid for work only with DHS authorization". Of course we cn go to the SS office with the marriage certificate to get a new card with ehr new married name; question is, if we did that, would it still continue to say "Valid for work only with DHS authorization"? I feel that if it continues to say that, she would have to show her to an employer EAD every time even after she gets her green card. Should we just wait until after the green card is issued?
  10. Hello everyone; the last thing we need for my fiance's interview is the receipt of police certificate from France. I put in the information asked on this website: https://www.cjn.justice.gouv.fr/cjn/b3/eje20 and received the email below: > > > > > > > > Accusé de réception > > Le Casier judiciaire national accuse réception de votre demande de B3. > > Si votre demande est recevable, le bulletin vous parviendra dans deux semaines par voie postale uniquement. > > > The National Criminal register acknowledges receipt of your certificate n°3 application. > > If your application is admissible, the certificate will exclusively be sent to you within two weeks by postal service. > > > Plus d'informations sur www.cjn.justice.fr > > Casier judiciaire national > Ministère de la Justice > 107 rue du Landreau > 44300 NANTES > +33 2 51 89 89 51 It's been about a week and its probably still soon but what I'm concerned about is thats there is no way to check if the request succesfully went through; if they located her record and it was sent out, no tracking etc. Like there's no way to know if its on its way. And interview is next month. Is there any place I can write to to ask if it was successfully received, on its way etc? Any experiences receiving it? It asked me strange things like the name of her parents etc. Greatly appreciated!
  11. We're trying to fill out our DS-160. It worked good yesterday and we were able to at least click on start an application. But we did not put any info in because we didn't have al the documents. Today as soon as you click on a consulate/embassy location is takes you to a page that says "an unexpected error has occurred etc". The start a new application button is grayed out and unclickable. Only the retrieve application button is clickable. Anyone else having these issues? Is this a system wide thing?
  12. Received approval notice this morning. Approved on August 6th.
  13. What do you all say to tier 2 when you call? We're Jan 24 and last time the regular representative just said we're working time and to wait.
  14. Jesus how much longer can this thing take. Jan 24 here and nothing.
  15. Hello, I anticipate being approved and receiving NOA-2 sometime in the coming weeks and would like to headstart in acquiring required documents. I've heard people mention "packet 3" . What is that? Is there a packet 1 and packet 2? What are they? I feel like I missed out on that whole part of the process. Anyways if someone happens to have a copy of this letter they get from the embassy recently, Hello, I anticipate being approved and receiving NOA-2 sometime in the coming weeks and would like to headstart in acquiring required documents. I've heard people mention "packet 3" . What is that? Is there a packet 1 and packet 2? What are they? I feel like I missed out on that whole part of the process. Anyways if someone happens to have a copy of this letter they get from the embassy recently, I would greatly appreciate if you could send me a copy for my reference! Thank you I would greatly appreciate if you could send me a copy for my reference! Thank you
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