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  1. Hi everyone ! Soooo, I'm September again. My birthday should be in September, not in April. 🤣I'm already getting used to that September is the beginning of a new one for me. good luck to all! @Naes glad to see you, congratulations 🎈 Noa 1 received 09/18/18
  2. Hi! I was a lurking for a while, I have two happy pieces of news to share: the first thing is that this morning my friends were approved NOA1 - September 15 NOA2 - March 27. But that was not all. Just a couple of hours ago we also got our approval NOA1 - September 21 NOA2 - March 28. We congratulate everyone who already received their approvals. And we wholeheartedly desire approvals for those who have not yet received them. @Naes, you are the gold of this forum. Thank you very much from all our hearts, you are an indispensable person for us. We wish you much happiness, may all your dreams come true. We did not see you, and we do not know you personally, but we love you, and we hope for your speedy approval.
  3. Hi! Thank you! for days of waiting, has already read everything that can be))). I will make here only apostilles. from Kazakhstan we are many as it turned out)) good luck to you guys!
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