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  1. If I really want to get my case approved, I would contact your senator and congressman. Just check https://www.gillibrand.senate.gov/help/help-for-new-yorkers/request you can send congressman/ senator a request and have them to raise a service request for the reason why you really need it. From my experience, I tried to expedite my case by myself through calling USCIS. At the same time, I contacted our congresswoman and senator for help. Their office both tell me it’s more efficient to have them raise the request for me.. but it’s too late for this case. So I have submitted all evideces on my own. I did get approved a week after I submitted all evidence and around three weeks after raising a service request. Good luck!
  2. The renewal EAD notice extends your work authorization 6 months after the expiration date of your current EAD. And you can ask your attorney to request expedite your case due to financial loss. Assuming you have a job now, if you don’t get your EAD renewal by the end of extension, you will lose your job. Or just raise a service request for a long processing time. If you decide to try to expedite your case, you should also contact your congressman/congresswoman/ senator office regarding to this immigration matter.
  3. Congrats!! No more crazy waiting for two years! I have received a RFE notification this morning and waiting for the official letter. I might miss one official id document at the interview and need to update it according. We will see when I get the official letter. Anyway, I am happy for you finally out of this crazy waiting game and enjoy a stress-free life!!
  4. It's basically said the case under initial review. The following is the notification from this morning. Application Type: I485, APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR ADJUST STATUS Your Case Status: Initial Review Your interview for your Form I485, APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR ADJUST STATUS, Receipt Number MSCxxxxxxxxxxx, was completed, and your case must be reviewed. We will mail you a notice if we make a decision or take further action. If you move, go to www.uscis.gov/addresschange to give us your new mailing address. During this step, USCIS initiates the background checks of the applicant/petitioner and identifies issues that may need to be addressed either during an interview or by asking the applicant/petitioner to submit additional information or documentation. USCIS reviews the applicant's/petitioner's criminal history, determines if there are national security concerns that need to be addressed, and reviews the application/petition for fraud indicators. If you have filed an I-485, I-589, I-751, N-400, I-90, I-821, I-131 or I-765, you can expect to receive an appointment notice to appear at an Application Support Center to have your fingerprints and/or photographs taken. The timing of your appointment is determined by the number of applicants ahead of you that also need a biometric appointment. We try to schedule biometric appointments as quickly as possible and in most cases you will receive your appointment notice within 30 days of submitting your application. We will send your appointment notice approximately 14 days ahead of your scheduled appointment. It is important that you keep this appointment. If absolutely necessary, you can request that your appointment be rescheduled however, please be aware that rescheduling may delay the processing of your application. Please follow the instructions on your appointment notice if you need to reschedule. Occasionally, you may receive an appointment notice to appear at an Application Support Center to have your fingerprints taken when you have filed a form other than those listed above. In these situations, you may receive your appointment notice more than 30 days after submitting your application or petition.
  5. We are also done our interview at SF office on January 22nd. I have received notification of complete interview this morning. I will keep you updated if I hear any updates. We waited for 20 minutes after our appointment time and had an interview for around 40 minutes. Mostly the officer reviewed all documents submitted back to 2017 and asked if there is any new information, such as 2017 tax return, the latest pay stubs, W-2, wedding photos, any new enter/exit US border records and any change of address. Questions are pretty straight forward, such as how did you met? Where is your first date? How long have you guys been together? Where is your wedding? Who were there for the wedding? Where have you guys traveled together? Nothing is out of ordinary. Good luck for anyone is waiting for an interview or waiting for interview results! Don't let this waiting game crash your soul!
  6. I received the official notice with the interview date seven days after SMS notification. However, the notice was mailed to my old address and routed to my current address during the holiday season. I would think the interview notice typically should arrive no longer than seven days after you receive SMS notification. But again, it really depends on your local USPS. Informed delivery can be really helpful in this kind of situation. This is how I find out the notice was mailed to my old address. Good luck! https://informeddelivery.usps.com/box/pages/intro/start.action
  7. An update also from San Francisco office PD Date - 07/20/2017 Online notification for a scheduled interview - 12/20/2018 Schedule interview date - 01/22/2019 Good luck for anyone still waiting and also who is about to have an interview! Cheers!
  8. I overstayed H1-B for 21 days between jobs after I got laid off from a job. I just entered San Francisco CBP with AP without any problems. I went through the Secondary inspection and didn't get asked any questions by CBP officers. I even brought our marriage certificate, my husband's birth certificate, and all receipts. They didn't checked any of them. I did consult with my immigration attorney before I left the country. My attorney said as long as I have valid AP, I can come back to States. If I ever get rejected entry, I can ask for parole for deferred inspection to enter the country and provide additional info later. Good luck!
  9. Congrats! No more waiting games for two years! Thanks for sharing positive news from San Francisco Field office. It definitely cheers rest of us up!
  10. This process timeline shows other applicants from Visajourney for AOS at New York City field office. It seems they are currently working on 2017 March cases. This data might be not accurate, but it can give you some ideas about current processing time in your field office.
  11. Hi there, 06/20/2016 Laid off from H1B last day. I had a job offer and need to transfer my H-1B to the new employer 07/11/2016 Petition filed ( My attorney told me it's okay to have one month gap between job.) I have started working for the new employer. 02/27/2017 RFE for 20 days gap between two H1-B 05/08/2017 Mail out RFE responses - Attorney stated new law 2017/01/17 60 days Grace Period for Nonimmigrant Workers Following Loss of Employment 05/15/2017 Travel to Europe 10 days for vacation and difficulty to enter US --> questioning pending H1B visa --> I-94 stamp till 09/18/2017 06/07/2017 H1B approval, but change of status denied --> NOA state " the beneficiary has failed to maintain her nonimmigrant status and is therefore ineligible for the requested extension of stay. Accordingly, the request for extension stay is denied. --> Basically, they said the grace period rule is effected after my case. Therefore, this can't be applied to my case. I need to go back my home country to get H1-B visa stamp to gain my status back. 07/07/2017 Got married with my hubby (USC) 07/20/2017 Filed AOS / EAD / AP 10/24/2017 EAD/AP Approval I need to go back to my home country. And my local office is very backlogged on AOS. I won't be able to get an interview till May or even August. I am wondering if my situation is counted as overstay? If yes, should I count my overstay from the first day I got laid off (06/20/2016)? and It is already over one year. Will I be barred from US 10 years if I travel? Will I be reentry US if I travel with AP? Thanks.
  12. I just received the EAD and AP combo card. Hooray! Finally, stressful waiting is over. Same as other VJer said, it's really helpful to speak to a tier 2 officer. If the first officer is not helpful, and try again. Eventually, you will find a good officer who is competent enough to help! Hope everyone can get their cards soon! Good luck! 07/18/17 Mailed PAR/AOS/EAD/AP to Chicago office 07/20/17 Package received by Chicago office 07/27/17 SMS & Email notification of NOA for PAR/AOS/EAD/AP (Day 7) 08/01/17 NOA notices hard copy received (Day 12) 08/04/17 Receive Biometrics Appointment Letter for 08/16/17 (Day 15) 08/08/17 Walk-in and Biometrics Appointment Completed 10/03/17 Raise the First SR online (Day 75) An automatic response said it will reply by 10/25/17. Receipt # SRxxxxxxMSC 10/19/17 Call USCIS and spoke to a tier 2 officer and raise the Second SR. (Day 90) The officer said I should hear from them in a week. Receipt #WKDxxxxMSC (Based on my research, WKD stand for expedite. However, I am not 100% sure.) 10/25/17 Email notification from USCIS said EAD and AP are approved on 10/24/17. (Day 97) 10/27/17 Email notification from USCIS said card was mailed. (Day 99) 10/28/17 Received NOA for case approval (Day 100) 10/31/17 Combo cards arrived. (Day 103)
  13. I guess AP normally take longer time to process, so the officer did't allow you raise SR for AP. Since you apply EAD and AP together they will most likely get approved at the same time. I had the same experiences like you. When I called USCIS about my EAD passed the 90 days mark, the officer said it will be processed soon. 90 days is just a goal for processing EAD. So I was hoping I can raise a SR for AP. The officer wasn't very helpful. He didn't help raising another SR for EAD or AP. He said AP is within regular processing time. And I called again the next day to request to speak to a tier 2 officer. She helped me to raise the second SR for EAD with expedite request. EAD and AP got approved in a week. Good luck!
  14. Congrats! No more painful waiting!