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  1. Can anyone tell me the wait timings for the interview.. I’m gonna start filling ds-160 .. any idea when will the dates gonna be?
  2. I have the same issue.. I had a roka party with close family and friends.. and we mentioned it in our petition.. now I’m curious as to will it cause any trouble?
  3. Hello, I just recieved p4 of the instructions from the mumbai consulate for the interview... what next steps I need to take ? this letter informs about filling ds-160, getting medical and police clearance from regional passport office.. is there any other step Im missing out?? and what all documents I need to take apart from relationship proof??? also when can I schedule ny interview??
  4. Good to know that I’m not alone, the experience of going through at the airport was nothing more than a nightmare!! I will never wish that even on my worst enemy .. I’m still awaiting for my noa2 after rfe that was replied to In December .. I guess mine is a hard embassy to go to .. this process has been really hard on us since we haven’t met each other since 6 months now.. just hoping to be with him soon.. very happy for you though and wish u and your fiancé all the happiness and Luck in the world.
  5. Thanks for the wishes.. and all the best for everything ahead @Katherine Vega
  6. @Katherine Vega I’m in a similar situation as you.. awaiting RFe response.. this wait is killing me! This is one of the hardest things ever in life.. I can’t believe it’s been almost a year and I still did not receive my noa2.
  7. March filer still waiting our noa2.. it’s killing me 😭😭
  8. Hi could someone tell me how long does it take to get response after rfe? It’s been over two weeks ans we didn’t hear anything yet.. got an rfe asking to provide wedding preparations, receipts and additional evidence..!! Does someone know that is this delay cz of holidays?
  9. Got rfe to prove we made any specific marriage arrangements.
  10. Thank you I hope everything goes well and I can finally be with my love.. this process has been brutal!
  11. Hello, Just wanted a little insight on my situation. I had b1/b2 visa through which I had multiple visits to my extended family but always came back before time never overstayed. While on my last visit back in early 2016 When I tried to enter CBP officer went through my phone and suspected that I was working and spending too much time there he gave me option to withdraw my entry and sent me back on a plane.. while I was there my f1 for my masters was already in process and I tried to enter through b1/b2 ( my mistake) and this happened. When I came back I applied for my f1 but it was denied for obvious reasons. Now in early 2017 I started talking to my now fiancé and he came to my home country to visit me three times and got engaged and we applied for a k1 this year. We are same religion, same age , no previous marriages and have three trips of him visiting me and have a bunch of proof. But with my previous attempts I am a bit concerned of it being a red flag and can cause denial at the interview? what can we do to make the CO see our genuine intent to get married and being together.. ?
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