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  1. Does it look on the nose if you visit family at home after a year or less? I heard someone say I have to wait three years, and I have no idea where that came from!
  2. Is it possible to travel back home (in my case to Australia) after arriving in the US? Am I able to travel back before marriage? So within the 3 months? And after marriage, am I able to go back? In case of an emergency? Does it jeopardize things? Thanks!
  3. Do your documents have to be printed in colour?
  4. Hi there, does anyone have any recommendations RE. hotels to stay at? Any bad experiences I should avoid? I will most likely only be staying an evening. The closer the better.
  5. Great link, thank you so much! This is a great help! I really appreciate it, the long response was great. Helped so much. Thank you
  6. Thank you!! Did you have the documents in plastic sleeves in the binder? Silly question, sorry!
  7. Hey everyone! I have my interview at the US embassy in Sydney coming up! I know this sounds like I'm clueless but I'd really love some pointers about what documents to bring (I already know this, but I'd love to hear about peoples' experiences), how to prepare/display your documents and any additional info that helped anyone. Thank you so much. I really appreciated this!
  8. K-1 Visa. Thank you! Also thats awesome, that helps a lot. I'm a little confused because we got our NOA2 a couple of months ago roughly (sometime lateish may, I can't remember at the top of my head) and my partner is saying we only really have til August as our NOA2 expires around that time...? I feel lost! I heard someone else say it's valid for a year. I should've mentioned the NOA2 earlier. So it was just an approval notice from Sydney we got recently, and I think thats what I'm finding confusing. How long until the NOA2 expires, and how long the approval notice lasts for as well. Thank you!
  9. Wow that's exciting! So it was approved yesterday when I recieved it? Wow! Sorry if this really stupid but does that mean four months until we get married? Or until I enter the US? Any addition advice is welcome. Thanks again!
  10. I received an email from the US consulate in my country (located in Sydney), which is very exciting. It asks me to create a profile on USTravelDocs which includes completing the DS-160. Who else has received this email before and if so is there a time limit in which I can complete these steps? Thanks!
  11. Hi everyone! I have a very hypothetical question. I can't find much info about it online, but are you able to cancel or reverse a k1 visa application even though you've been accepted and living in the US at that point in time? Are you able to before marriage? After marriage? I'd like an answer for both cases. Would I be able to go home myself and would cancelling a k1 mean that my partner's chances of coming over to my home country are jepordised? I'd also like to hear a response for both of those situations. This is hypothetical, and lastly is it a complicated or long process? I'd love to know. Thanks!
  12. Hi everyone! We received our NOA2 two weeks ago. I'm so excited, but due to work commitments I haven't really been able to research the next steps in a long time. I'm scared that my notes might be out of date. I need to revisit it all asap, but could anyone please give me some pointers? It's been a really stressful last few weeks. I'm not lazy and totally willing to revise my notes but I'd love someone to share the next steps as I'm finding the process quite daunting. I work full-time so I find it hard to know how to balance, and even when to give in my two-weeks notice (some tips from Aussies would also be awesome, but anything helps!) Any help is greatly appreciated. Cheers!