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  1. Hi, in the email we received from the US embassy it shows some of the required documents for the interview. one of them is the petitioner's identification document and reads: Please provide a valid, government issued identification document for the petitioner. Does this mean that the beneficiary needs to have the petitioner's ORIGINAL ID? like the state ID card or the drivers license ? if not, then please let me know what can be sent instead. thanks
  2. Hi everyone.. Does anyone know what number I should call to get my case number from the NVC?
  3. First, thank you for taking your time and writing this comment. I must mention that I have traveled to many countries and have lived in the US for the past 6 years and I love this country and its kind and generous people from the bottom of my heart. So what this administration is willing to do has nothing to do with the people or with the country. Every country in the history has done something indefinable. I'm trying to stay positive and I am keeping the hope. And really thank you for being supportive. Regarding the context, the ban is different for every country. My fiance is from iran. Everyone is barred to get US visa from Iran, except for student visas. All family visas (immigrant or non immigrant) are cancelled. Exception: for spouse, parents and minor children, YOU CAN REQUEST FOR WAIVER. This is in the context of the travel ban 3.0 . I have read it and it is also on farsi news websites as well. Like VOA tv , or BBC.com/persian
  4. Thanks for your comment, you are unfortunately wrong. The bona fide relationship is not the case anymore. That was the case for the partial travel ban. The full travel ban has another definition of close familial relationship.
  5. https://www.democracynow.org/2017/12/5/aclu_vows_to_keep_fighting_as
  6. Hahahaha.. Guess where we are right now!! Lol similar plan B!
  7. I have the links on telegram pages.. But im pretty sure you can find everything by googling.. I have also read and listened to analisys on BBC, CNN and other news sites. They all say the same thing. This is a temporary decision until the case is fully resolved. We all know that if the administration loses on coming courts, it will take it to the SC, and that is actually where the case will be resolved. The estimate is sometime in june 2018
  8. You are right my friend, but like I said, the problem is the timing... The ban will fully go into effect UNTIL IT GOES BACK TO THE SC. Which is probably in june 2018. And that will be about 7 months from now.. Our approval is only valid for 4 months... So we waited for 6 months.. Now we must wait another 7 months just to see what happens and in case there will be no ban at that time, we should then go ahead and apply for another petition...! I think I should just accept the fact that we (me and my fiance) lost this case. I am already thinking about leaving the USA until it is the US again that we all knew.
  9. So... We waited for 6 months... (June 5th - Dec. 5th) and our case got approved.... Just a few hours after the Supreme Court let the administration to implement the travel ban 3.0 . I (the petitioner) am currently with my fiance, and we were both shocked by the SC decision when we received the USCIS email. Ironically the approval somehow made it harder for us.. Now even if the federal courts rule against the travel ban, it might take until June 2018 for the SC to hear the case and our approval will be expired by then.. Sorry I didn't mean to make anyone sad here... I just needed to talk.. Please pray for us if u believe in praying..
  10. 178 or 179 days and nothing... Can I please be in the scan? WAC1790351310 June 5th Thanks
  11. You are right. I do have time. My income was well over the poverty guidline. Like I said, just wanna be on the safe side. Thanks for your information tho. Im on the irs.gov website now to request the transcripts.
  12. Wow! My attorney told me that it can be a copy of my tax return that the tax agent gave me after filing my tax! I am now both confused and scared!
  13. I already have prepared my 2016 tax returnes with copies of my w2 and 1099 forms. Im trying to gather every possible document that might help to show i can support my fiance.
  14. Hey everyone, I am the USC and my case is very close to NOA 2. However, I have to take a trip to another country for few weeks and I was wondering if I can get the letter from my bank stating the date it opened, current amount in the bank and etc. . I know it might take up to a month for the case to be received and processed by the NVC, and it might take couple months or so for the interview to be scheduled. Now, I wanna know if it is ok to have my paperwork (letter from the bank, letter from my employer, I-134 and ...) ready, and hand it over to my fiance' (the beneficiary) when I meet her in few days on my trip, so she can take them to the interview with her. I am obviously not going to have any sort of income in this period since I will be out of the country, however, I have some car and other payments that will be taken out of my account, so the actual and exact amount might be few hundred dollars less than what it will show on my bank letter. Will it be a problem at the time of the interview? Is it going to be considered as fraud? any ideas?
  15. Congrats.. So so so happy for u guys.. Time to drink i guess lol