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  1. hitexuga

    Proving domicile when not living in the U.S.

    It is frustrating indeed my wife (the USC) is a cook so definitely in her industry it would have been really hard to do. However, we were approved without a job offer. Instead we brought to the interview: -a lease agreement that we drafted with her parents for a room in their home (used a lease building website to create the lease)* -emails showing she had applied for jobs -proof that she registered for 2 classes at a community college -letter from both of our employers stating that we told them we were moving to the US soon (we waited until very close to the interview to do this so we felt safer) -my wife’s US voting card* -Wife’s US bank statement showing we transferred some money to the US (around $1000CAD)* During the interview, I only saw the lady look at the lease and the college registration, so not even sure if the other things helped or not. Also, we didn’t submit all of this proof at the NVC stage: only the items starred above, emails showing she was trying to register for college and a letter stating we could provide additional proof during the interview. Do you have *any* proof you could provide so far?
  2. Yay! I knew theyd get there in time! And I can empathize with your nervousness. I think I mentioned here before that when Ieft my interview I immediately burst into tears from the stress being lifted off my shoulders haha... but you'll be fine, wishing you guys good luck!
  3. Yay!!! Congrats!! Best news in this thread
  4. I know we have different interview countries so take this with a huge grain of salt! My consulate's checklist of documents to bring to the interview also included original AOS with wet signature, latest tax forms and petitioner birth certificate. However, during my interview they never actually asked for the AOS and I could see they had with them the AOS forms I submitted to NVC. i wonder if they only ask for original AOS in case something happened to the one NVC sent to them? They did take my wife's latest tax forms but didn't ask for original. I had my wife's original birth certificate with me but they never asked for it nor did they ask for a copy of it. Again, your embassy could be different so obviously still try to have those docs, but just posting this to show that just because they ask for it in the checklist doesn't always mean they'll actually need it during the interview if something does happen to your package I would def bring copies of everything just to be safe, but I'm sure your package will be ok
  5. hitexuga

    Proving domicile when not living in the U.S.

    Thanks! And yeah - that does seem to be a trend! Wishing everyone good COs haha
  6. Hi everyone, just wanted to share that I had my IR-1 interview yesterday in Montreal and we were approved! I was nervous because Montreal is known to be strict on proof of domicile (my wife is living with me in Canada), but it was all good. Here's a little summary of how the interview went: -Arrived at the consulate with my wife. We hadn't planned on her attending with me, so we didn't know she needed her US passport to enter (but they ended up letting her in anyway). -Waited to be called to speak with intake officer. Once I went up to the booth, she asked me for the original versions of documents I had submitted to NVC, updated text forms and confirmed my address, date of birth, etc. She also took my fingerprints, then asked me to sit down and wait for my interview. -I waited a few more minutes, then got called for interview. -The interviewer greeted me with a big smile, which made me feel much more at ease (I was so nervous!). She made me swear to tell the truth, etc. then asked me the following questions: -Who is petitioning for you? (I said my wife) -How did you and your wife meet? (I said online through a friend and she asked me through which site specifically) -When did you start dating / were you just friends at first? -When did you get married? -Is your wife employed in the US? (I answered that no because she lives with me in Canada, so she looked through my application for proof of reestablishing domicile) -What is your relationship to the joint sponsor? -Do you have a valid US non-immigrant visa? (I said I have a tourist visa, but that it's in my old passport. So she said to bring my old passport with me for POE so they can void that visa) That's it. It all went really quickly and the CO was very friendly. I left the interview area and immediately burst into tears because I was so happy and relieved, haha! I also really liked having an early morning appointment because I was 5th person in line and was in an out of the consulate in an hour! Hope this helps others waiting for their interview. Wishing everyone good luck!!!
  7. hitexuga

    Proving domicile when not living in the U.S.

    Actually, I just had my IR-1 interview yesterday and we were approved! For other folks' reference, here is what we submitted as proof of reestablishing US domicile: -Letter from my wife stating that she intends in good faith to return to live in the US, listing the different documents we attached to the application as proof -Signed lease with my mother-in-law -Proof that my wife registered for a college class in Texas -Letter from my wife's employer confirming her resignation -Letter from my employer stating that I told them about my upcoming move (not official resignation) -Screenshot from wife's bank account showing we transferred funds to the US in preparation for our move -Wife's US voting card At the interview, the lease and the class registration were the only papers the CO seemed to look at. She was very friendly, didn't give me any kind of hard time about domicile and even commented on how prepared we were. I was a bit nervous as my wife is a PR in Canada and has been here for 6 years, but it was all good. Also, when we submitted to NVC we didn't have the class registration (though we had email exchange with the college) or letters of resignation. So when I saw the intake officer at the consulate, I told her I had additional proof of domicile and she added it to my pile to give to the interviewer. Hopes this is of help to future applicants. Good luck @TS_123 and anyone else having their interview soon!
  8. Yay! Happy for you and everyone else getting their dates
  9. Oh, no, I'm so sorry to hear that! I second the other post to call NVC right away and also the embassy where his interview would take place for advice. Is this blocking of the flights supposed to be temporary or indefinite? Because if it's temporary I guess you could just reschedule the interview, but otherwise then yeah I guess it'd be a question for a lawyer or nvc/embassy :/ Keeping my fingers crossed for you!!!
  10. I'm so sorry to hear about your experience and can only imagine how frustrating it'd be to get a 221g without explanation! However, I wouldn't freak out if I were you... from my understanding 221g is when they need further documents; they're not rejecting you, right? So yeah it might delay you and that sucks, but you'll have a chance to provide the proof/docs they feel they're missing, then everything will likely be settled wishing you the best of luck! I wonder if in other VJ posts you can find some info from folks who got 221g w/o explanation on the spot too...
  11. Hi there, I don't have much to add in terms of advice, but I do think that you shouldn't blame yourself! This whole process is already so stressful as it is, let alone when you're being grilled by a stern officer about your past life...I think you should have a clean consience ... I really hope things turn out well for you! The only small thing I was gonna suggest is maybe you could proactively gather documents to prove your past marriages ended and that your new marriage is legit, just in case they ask for more proof then you already are more prepared to submit it quickly... but I honestly have no experience with this type of situation so feel free to ignore!
  12. hitexuga

    Proving domicile when not living in the U.S.

    Can anyone else share recent experiences of being approved or denied in Montreal due to domicile? Just read this whole thread end to end (haha, yep) but so many of the cases are from so long ago! Thanks!
  13. Good luck! I totally understand - I got my date yesterday for Oct 6. Got my vaccination records translated to english this morning so I can take them to my family doctor this afternoon, then go to the visa doctor tomorrow lol Visa dr. said my report might not be ready til a day before my interview so tight but I'm so ready to be done with the process too haha
  14. @Louie1988 I'm not applying via the Brazilian embassy because I live in Canada but I'm Brazilian so your pain hits close to home. Sadly, it seems that the Brazilian slowness has extended even to the US embassy there? :/ I really hope you get a date soon. That seems so so frustrating I think I would keep calling and asking about it anyway, but I'm sure that's annoying too. Hang in there!!! Also @Ebony1 thank you for being happy for me I hope everything goes well with your case too!
  15. Ha, such a roller coaster! This morning got the notification from NVC that our interview is on October 6. So I guess the CSRA website was right after all! Definitely gonna be tight for scheduling medical, etc. and I'm surpriced the NVC would give me such little notice! Buuut...at least happy I finally have an interview date! CC 08/13 good luck to everyone still waiting!