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  1. Is there anyone who got anything (AOR or Biometrics) since filing in January 2021?
  2. Thank you guys! Really appreciate! I had a feeling that it is not a good idea!
  3. Hello everyone, I’m preparing my I-751 with supporting and the packages is getting quite big! I printed bank statements for the past 3 years (since the day of marriage) and it’s like 3-4 pages per month. 300 pages only bank statements! Is that normal? I might have to use a box to send it out!
  4. Hello everyone! I'm sorry if this question already was asked. Question about supporting documents for I-751, do we need to include documents from the beginning (same that we supplemented I-485) and after the interview, or we just need everything after the interview? Basically from what time point we need to supplement I-751? Some people say from the begging of the relationship, some people say for the past 2 years and some say from the moment of interview. Thank you!
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