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  1. Hey guys my name is Fatima my I am sponsoring my husband. He is a national of Somalia. He we started his case in 2015. On May 24,2018 he had his first visa interview and went into AP for 8 months and couple weeks. On January 19, 2018 an email sent from embassy for a 2nd interview. after interview was given a paper that states that they are reviewing his case if he qualifies a waiver. Still waiting to this day. Anyone who have been given the paper share your experiences thanks.....
  2. he has to go through the interview again because his first interview was on May 24,2017 this will be his second...
  3. after 8 months in AP I sent an inquiry to the Embassy they responded back stating that my husband's administrative processing is over but however he has to re-interview again..
  4. i am not really experienced in situations like this my advise is to ask an immigration lawyer the steps you can take that will benefit you and i strongly believe as long as you have evidence of the abusive message you will be fine. have hope that the trials you are going thru will come to an end.
  5. My question is that do u have green card and for how many years do you have it for?
  6. been 6 month and couple weeks since husband been on AP still waiting.... stress is real
  7. Did anyone get and issues yet from the embassies... share still in administrative processing on my 5th month
  8. It’s becoming a torture for many of us. This is not good for our health... the depression and anxiety that we are going through....
  9. They gave my husband 221g after the interview they requested for official marriage certificate and screen shots of Our Facebook conversation and a IRS income tax transcripts which we sent right the next day that’s all...