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  1. Yes. When did they ask for it?
  2. MaryLu19

    E2 and getting married

    Get married do the I 130 and once that gets approved you can adjust status.
  3. G Took me about 3 weeks to gather all the documents for waiver. The psychological evaluation took 10 days. We payed extra to have it done faster.
  4. Mine was sent in in September 2017, got the receipt with a notice date of Sep 25th, 2017. Waiting now for the biometrics.Did you do your biometrics? I really don't think the processing times are accurate, and that the officer's discretion plays a role in how fast some applications are processed. When we filed the I824 it showed a six months processing, and it was approved in 30 days. I'm on a fb group for I601a applicants and most of the people who have applied in May have been approved.
  5. MaryLu19

    Interview for eb3 visa

    Yup, that's what I was thinking too. When my husband's company filed the I140, under perm the requirements for the job were high school diploma and current driver license, so USCIS issued a RFE asking for these documents and the employer's taxes. Once the documents were submitted the I 140 was approved.
  6. MaryLu19

    Interview for eb3 visa

    That's good. I am not a lawyer, so go with what he/she says. Each case is different, and I;m sure your lawyer knows what she is doing. Tell the truth and be honest, that goes a long way. Best of luck! Let us know how it goes. When is your interview?
  7. MaryLu19

    Interview for eb3 visa

    https://www.uscis.gov/working-united-states/permanent-workers/employment-based-immigration-third-preference-eb-3 We are under "other workers" for our case, so I know experience is not on issue. From I am reading on the USCIS website for skilled workers you need 2 years experience, for professionals if you have a bachelors there is no experience required. (this is my understanding) Under which category are you?
  8. MaryLu19

    Interview for eb3 visa

    I don't know, it depends on the job requirements. Was experience a requirement for the job, or no experience required?
  9. MaryLu19

    Interview for eb3 visa

    From what I'm reading you have to know rally well the info you put on the DS260. Who is sponsoring you? How have you found this job? What duties you will perform at this job? What experience do you have? Where is the job located ? Are you married? Have you been to the USA before? This is just what I have seen on other forums and what our lawyer told us. Best wishes, and let us know how it goes.
  10. MaryLu19

    Interview for eb3 visa

    No, very unlikely. I would bring maybe just proof that you graduated from nursing school. Having a US license and passing the NCLEX is what matters. I'm an RN too btw
  11. WOW that is amazing news! CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so happy for you!