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  1. I mentioned before too, that I cudnt travel due my health issues.
  2. she is my mother, I love n respect her the most in this world, I wasnt inviting her here to treat her like a free servant. Its just that during this difficult phase I need her, nobody can replace your own mother.
  3. I couldnt travel due to my health issues.
  4. I am not lying, I mistakenly wrote that way ( all siblings), by that what I meant was that we are only the 2 children of our mother, and both are here in states. Some of you are being very judgmental here.
  5. I just have one brother here, who is a student, he can not be a helping hand during my delivery period unfortunately cuz of his busy schedule :(. Secondly she gave reason to visit family n sight seeing; and didnt lie about the presence of her both children here in US.
  6. hi I need a suggestion, I am pregnant and I need my mother to be with me during my delivery period. I am green card holder here. She has applied for visit visa twice this year from Karachi Pakistan, which got rejected. Both time she told that sight seeing was the purpose of her visit, as people say that they reject visa when the reason of child birth is given. Now my question is that should she apply again third time for visit visa ? This time giving reason of child birth and providing a physician’s letter ? ( In my opinion, the rejection is not due to any incomplete paper work or financial incompetence; its maybe because of the fact that all of my siblings are in US, so they think she might slip here). Let me know thru ur experiences that what should be done ?
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