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  1. We came in for our interview, everything started great, we handed over all documents and answered all the questions. The interviewer then asked my wife when was her first admittance into the united states, but my wife didn't hear the first word and asked "What?", the interviewer promptly closed her big book of documents said sorry you need to re-schedule and she needs to get an interpreter, we can't proceed until she can understand me. Seemed a little odd to not even repeat the question or give her a chance to answer it. That being said I asked for some kind of paperwork so I can have a record but she said there isn't any paperwork that she can give in this situation and just wait for a notice in the mail. She also said for the next interview we don't need to bring any supporting documents just simply show up with an interpreter (so I assume we fulfilled the requirements to proving a bona fide relationship). She wouldn't tell me when it would be re-scheduled for either, not even an estimate of how long until the next appointments are available. USCIS Case Status online tool shows no changes since a month ago when the first interview was scheduled. Anyone have any similar experiences and can tell me what to expect next and exactly what they think happened?
  2. Also thought I would mention that we did FILE the I-485 within a year of the Medical Examination in Bangkok but our Greencard Interview is more then 1 year after the Medical Examination was done, so a little unclear if it needs to be done again or not.
  3. Hello, we have our green card interview at the end of the month. Wife came in from Thailand on a K1 Visa, we did the medical in Bangkok and the sealed envelope was provided to the Embassy. It's now been over a year since she has entered the USA (Approx 13 months actually) and we're wondering do we need to do another Medical (I-693) or was that already done when we got the Visa in Bangkok? The USCIS notice says bring it if you haven't already supplied it, so it's kind of unclear if we need to do another one here in the states or not. Also for the vaccination document worksheet that we did in Bangkok it says Expiration Date: 10/01/2020 so do we need to get another one of those or is the one from Bangkok still good? Basically I'm asking 2 questions, 1. Do we need to do a new I-693 and 2. Do we need to get a new Vaccination Documentation Worksheet? Thanks, any help is appreciated.
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