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  1. Hi Lotts, I'm sorry to hear about what's been happening to you. And just like @Paul & Mallory, I would love to help if i live close by. I think their suggestion about filing for VAWA should be your top priority. They can help you for sure. Based from your story, it seems like he's keeping you "captive. By not giving you the right to be able to file for AOS is already a red flag to me. He vouched for you to come here and all, he should file your AOS. Anyhow, I know you don't have any physical evidence of abuse but you can make one. Start writing everything on a journal. If you can document everything that's been happening to you, they will believe you. Also, you can screenshot the things that you have told us on here. That can also be a decent evidence. Abuse is a very serious crime no matter what kind (physical, emotional, verbal, etc.). I know it's not gonna be easy but there are a lot of resources out there that will help you. Just don't lose hope and keep your faith. PS. I'm glad your cat's been helping you feel better. Sending *big hugs* to you as well.
  2. Just an update. Interview was April 4 and approval was April 5. Got my AOS approval notice in the mail April 9. Got my green card in the mail April 11. I'm really happy to get my green card right away as i have to travel home asap to see my sick grandma. My family's saying that she keeps looking for me. Good luck to everyone who's still waiting. Hang in there. ❤️
  3. I had a new medical done since i thought mine expired already last February but then when i got to my interview the officer didn't ask for it. I figured since i paid for it and it cost so much i would just voluntarily give it even though she wasn't asking for it. I actually just didn't want to stare at a $520 document in my big plastic envelope that's why i submitted it. But anyways, the lady officer appreciated what i did and she explained to me that technically my medical is still valid since i submitted it within a year of my AOS interview (it's only been 8 months since we submitted our file). As for the Affidavit of Support, I didn't bring a new one since the one we submitted in the beginning is still valid. I did bring my husband's current w2, tax return, pay stubs, and letter of employment. The lady officer didn't ask for any but it's still better to have it with you just in case they ask.
  4. Thanks @Naes I got some good news yesterday as i got my AOS notice of approval in the mail. My status changed to card is mailed to me just this morning. I'm hoping i can get it this week so i don't have to worry anymore and i can book my flight home. Just praying my grandma will wait for me. 🙏
  5. Had my green card interview yesterday at 7:30am at the Denver Field Office. We were recommended for approval and was told to wait about 3 weeks or so for the green card to show up in our mailbox. Got a notification this morning that there was a change in my case status. Went to check it out and it says, "New Card is being produced".
  6. Should be valid 1 year from when you took it. I took mine February 2018 and i just got my AOS interview letter which is set to April 4. So i have to get a new medical. It's not going to be cheap but i don't want to risk not having one and them asking for one on the interview day.
  7. Thanks. Hopefully it'll just be quick. I was kinda hoping that my interview will be this month so i don't have to schedule another medical exam but it looks like i will have to. Cheers!
  8. Congrats! My case just changed to scheduled for interview today. How long did you have to wait for the notice in the mail? My medical is only valid until this month so i'll have to get a new one before the interview. Just want to know how long until you got your notice so i'll know when to schedule another medical appointment. Thanks!
  9. Got my EAD/AP combo card in the mail today. No word on my AOS schedule for interview yet.
  10. EAD case status changed to New Card is being produced as of January 22.
  11. It's so much fun! Can't wait for the super mario deluxe u! Happy New Year!
  12. To all those who are patiently/eagerly waiting for our combo cards and interview letters, i suggest to get a Nintendo switch and buy a bunch of fun games! They are so much fun and they will keep you entertained the whole day. You won't even think of any paperwork you're waiting for. Get the Just Dance game, it's a good workout and it's so much fun! Get the mario games! It's very nostalgic! Also, try make a bunch of recipes online even if you're not a good cook. That'll keep you busy during the day while you wait for your hubby/wifey to get home from work. Have a Merry Christmas everybody and Have a wonderful New Year!
  13. They must've heard us. We got our biometrics letter all at the same time.
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