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  1. Direwolf_12

    Muslim Divorce

    Hi everyone, looking for answers about my situation. I was working in kuwait where i met my son's father who's now my ex .. i got pregnant in kuwait and got scared that i will be in jail if I won't go back to Philippines .. one of my colleagues said that they know someone who make fake marriage certificate. It's just to show whenever there is a police checking .. me and my ex agreed to it, my ex doesn't have contract, their company let them exit every three months then come back to work.. so unfortunately he doesn't have CIVIL I.D .. the guy working for fake marriage didn't allow my ex as my husband on my fake marriage coz he doesn't have civil i.d .. so i asked my friend's boyfriend who is a muslim and local from kuwait .. he agreed after telling him it's fake .. i was 8months pregnant when i came here in Philippines for good .. after a year me and my ex decided to get marry, unfortunately my supposedly fake marriage got registered in NSO 😥😥 i was so shocked and upset,i contacted the person who made it and he saidhe will divorce it .. we just need to pay 50k. We paid him but my divorce didn't happen .. till me and my sons father broke up .. my american fiancé is now paying a real attorney to fix my divorce .. but i had doubts when i heard that divorce is getting denied by the embassy now ☹️we we're thinking about getting it null and void coz i don't have signature in my marriage certificate but tge attorney said he can work on getting it divorce.. i Don't know what to decide about it .. i just wanted to know if, will i be denied if i just divorce my marriage?? .. thanks in advance for the response ..