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  1. it will. mine changed on egov.uscis.gov first; several hours later, myaccount.dhs.gov had update
  2. no priority date listed on the interview notice, if i remember it correctly
  3. what did you receive from your interview officer right after your interview?
  4. an immigration attorney once told me, many many years ago, she had a 7-days rule: wait 7 days after her clients were eligible to file a form, and at least 7 days before the deadline. she said: those at irs didnt learn how to count days 😀
  5. Did you try Infopass? not sure if a visit to your local field office would fix the mistake, but that might be the quickest venue? just a thought good luck to you
  6. new 18 month extension letter, most likely
  7. uscis had an announcement couple of days ago about sending out new 18 months extension letters
  8. i dont think it is fair to simply call it "lies". uscis might indeed have the policy/guideline to interview all i-751 filers, it takes time to implement such policy/guideline in service centers and all field offices
  9. on your i-797, there are two wac or eac numbers, one is for i-751, the other cri-89 if you checked that number for cri-89, it shows fee waived
  10. nope, you paid for your i-751, you never paid for cri-89
  11. after you filed i-751, uscis created cri-89 for you, fee waiver is for cri-89, which you didnt pay
  12. uscis.dhs.gov doesnt ask for fee at the beginning, it only asks for fee when you submit the application
  13. are you sure you were on the right site?