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  1. Just got the NOA that our I-751 ROC has been approved. So we submitted on 3/12 and were approved 8/17, just a smidge over 5 months. So they not only re-used biometrics, they also skipped the interview as well. I'm assuming this is probably due to COVID. Our K1 process was a bear so it's nice to have something go our way. Our filings have always been very thorough with evidence so that may have been a factor.
  2. Late reply, but mailed the package to Phoenix and the NOA is from the Texas Service Center.
  3. Just checking in to report that we're another biometrics/fingerprint waiver. NOA showing this was sent 5/5 for a 3/12 filing date.
  4. Just a quick update -- package sent 3/12, UPS confirmation of delivery on 3/15. USCIS charged the card late last week (can't say for sure but probably 4/8.) We received the NOA for the I-751 in today's mail (4/12) so pretty much exactly one month for us. As everyone has said, the NOA states there's an 18 month extention for the existing conditional green card. It might matter to some that at no point did our USCIS online account reflect any action. It still doesn't (e.g. we have a paper NOA for our new filing, but the account is showing our last activity was more than a year ago.)
  5. We had been anticipating filing for a while so have everything ready to go in December, 3/12 was the earliest we could sent our 751 in. We UPS'd out 751 filing on 3/12, got receipt showing delivered on 3/15. Like everyone else still waiting on the NOA. Waiting for this one sure is a heck of a lot easier than the wait for the K1 was!
  6. We're in the exact same situation, so you're not alone. We didn't trust USPS due to issues lately so overnighted it, it was confirmed there on 3/15, and no receipt yet (paper or online) either.
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