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  1. Checking in again. Just wrapped up the paperwork for renewal of the I-764 and I-131 (which expire in 120 days) since we've heard nothing on the AOS. On the good news side, someone who filed 8/2017 had their interview at our local office just a couple weeks ago. That's the first real data point for the long-delays crowd that we're in. If that's really the time line, then we'd get a notice around April/May just about when the EAD/AP would expire.
  2. Congratulations! I can't imagine how that feels! I decided to check in since it'd been so long and discovered your happy news. Nothing new for us since going to the "waiting for interview" status back in March. Looks like AOS in Phoenix is completely stalled.
  3. Just checking in since it's been a couple months. No news. Currently our local office is showing only 5 interviews in the past two years, with 22 K1 I-485 NOA1s listed here on the site (so probably more like a couple hundred.) Everyone with January 2017 NOA1s has had an interview, but no one with April 2017 does, and we're January 2018. Looks like a long wait ahead.
  4. We're in the same boat. I posted yesterday in the January AOS filers. There's a single approval of a I-485 in our city (Phoenix) this year that happened in May, and it had a NOA about three weeks after ours. It seems to be a repeat of the K1 wait all over again. We applied for the EAD/AP at the same time and got those, so at least something happened. If I look at the prior I-485 approvals in our city, it looks like the wait was 10-11 months and got progressively longer in 2017. Hope both of us get some movement soon! I found the DHS site (login required) has info where the old USCIS doesn't. USCIS crashes on out 485 but the DHS site lists the correct NOA dates. Both show the EAD/AP correctly.
  5. Checking in, since it's been a while. Still no interview notice on the I-485, however the EAD/AP card was used successfully to re-enter the country after visiting friends abroad. Customs was bit confused how to handle it (I guess they don't get many people coming in on APs) but it worked. We're at day 195. I looked up the few I-485s for K1s for our office, and only one I-485 has been approved this year (in May, you know who you are ) The last three approvals before that were all late 2017 and took about 9-10 months, so I guess we'll keep waiting. Thank god we filed for EAD/AP. I can't imagine how hard it would be being trapped.
  6. One more update, the combo EAD/AP card arrived today in a mini priority mail envelope. So for I-765 and I-131: NOA1 1/2/2018, Notice of approval 5/17/2018, arrival of notice on 5/21/2018, and card in hand 5/25/2018, 8 days after approval. Looks like we're just shy of 5 months from filing to card right now.
  7. No. No expedite, just lots of waiting. They got the package with 485/765/131 on 12/28, NOA1 was 1/2, biometrics was 1/31, and the notice we got yesterday was the only contact since biometrics. Yes, the I-797 showing EAD is appoved. We got a second I-797 for the AP as well.
  8. Another quick update -- the I-797 for our EAD filing showed up in today's mail, and a second I-797 for the AP was with it! So clearly AP isn't updating on either of the tracking sites, just EAD. Hopefully the card will arrive this week since it was approved on the 17th. So -- NOA1 was 1/2/2018, EAD/AP notice date 5/17/2018. Finally getting there.
  9. I sure hope that's the case! Of course if it is she'll be gone most of the summer. Do you have a link to that site? Everything I search for brings me to the usual one ( https://egov.uscis.gov/casestatus/landing.do )
  10. Checked the tracker this morning and it's showing the EAD card was issued today, so that's good news. At least maybe we can get the driver's license renewed now (I hope.) So another Jan 2 NOA1 with an EAD here. Nothing on AP, which is what we're really waiting for. Our case number on the 485 has triggered errors on the tracking site for months no change there.
  11. Talk about depressing, I went to the USCIS processing time site to check on AP times. They have a case inquiry cut-off date, if you filed before it you're past the normal processing time and can file an inquiry. A month ago it was December 13th. They updated it today to December 17th. They moved four days in a month. Still nothing on EAD, AP or the AOS since we did biometrics in January. We're coming up on 7 months since wifey has been able to see her mother.
  12. We're in the exact same same boat. We have NOA1 for January 2 for all three (AP/EAD/AOS) and haven't heard a word on any of them outside of the biometrics we did for AOS back in January. One of our fellow filers in my state should be having their AOS interview this week, and they have a NOA1 weeks after ours, crazy how different the schedules are! We filed AP so wifey could visit her mom on her birthday. That was late April. Now I'm just hoping we have AP by June and losing confidence in that.
  13. I don't think that's true, because I can put in the NOA1 receipt numbers for AP and EAD and get results back, it's only the I-485 filing that's triggering the error. If it were an IP address it'd be blocking all of them.
  14. Does anyone know a workaround for the "user defined error" on the USCIS case tracking site? The NOA1 receipt numbers for the AP and EAD work, but the number for the AOS/i-485 gets the error, since I'm seeing people my in area getting interview dates with NOA1s weeks after ours, I've been a bit worried. (We got the biometrics letter fine but have heard nothing since and the case tracker obviously isn't working and hasn't for at least a month on the AOS.)
  15. Wow! You have an interview scheduled! We haven't heard a peep since the biometrics that were done on 1/31. I was really hoping for AP to be done in time for my Candian better half to be home to her mom's birthday this week, but no such luck.