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  1. My spouse birth certificate is rejected by NVC for not having appropriate seal on certificate so my wife go back to the department where birth certificate issue they said they cant fix the seal becuse its too old certificate insteed of they issue a new certificate with same information with a new issue date and a certificate that why they issue a new one does NVC will apcept that ?
  2. My wife’s birth certificate rejected for ‘ please replace birth certificate with an acceptble issuing authority’’ but City corporation is the only one department who issue bangladeshi citizens birth certificate my guess is the bottom seal is blar thats why but my concer is when my why go back to city corporation for duplicate copy they said they have to issue new one cant fix the seal so identification No will be change is there any problem if we get new birth certificate with different Identification No becuse uscis aproved my case with the same birth certificate (removed) there is copy of BC
  3. I already submit w 2 and tax return then they are asking for proof of curent employment I can send paystubs but its very difficult to get employment letter from my company
  4. NVC asking for curent employment proof. can I upload my paystubs as a proof of employment?
  5. NVC asking for proof of current incone how many paystubs do I have to submit?
  6. My case aproved september 13 and I received Wellcome letter on November 29
  7. I didn’t speak with supervisor the customer service rep. hold me and talk with supervisor and told me she transfered the case to him but I was bit confused is she really give it to supervisor or not so I call back then again 2 days and another guy told me supervisor review the thing already and its routed to it department. so call them everyday if posible ask for supervisor and also mail them let me know if ur unlocked
  8. How long it took to clear your payment I am facing same issue about two weeks i call them they said they routed to It department for fixing it
  9. I paid IV fee on 4 th December its still on process I called them several time and ask for supervisor then the customer service representatives transferred the case to the supervisor. I called again today and they said supervisor review my case and transfer to the it department for next steps dont delay call immediately and ask for supervisor to talk about it
  10. I paid My IV fee about 2 weeks ago but its still in process i call then several time they said sometimes its take little longer to clear but last fryday they are asking to mail proof of payment from my bank then I requested to speak with supervisors they said they are busy and I requested again the representative hold me about 5 min and come back and told me she give it to her supervisor he will review the case do anyone have same experience before? please HELP
  11. My IV fee is pending about 10 days today they said I have to wait 10 business day to clear it if not clear in 10 days They told me to call back
  12. Did NVC customer service do any thing or it went through itself ?
  13. I have same issue my iv fee is still on process its been 10 days what Can I do ?
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