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  1. So on January 10th 2019, I finally got sworn in as a US Citizen. The whole immigration process was long and dragged out, but eventually It was over. Now I just need to update my social security and register to vote.
  2. Happy New Year to all, I am still waiting for my oath date (admittedly it is under the 30 business days I was advised), however if anyone else went through this same process how long did it take for the date to come? I also have received my I-751 approval in the mail, am just waiting for the actual permanent residency card to arrive, again was told this should take 60 days. Which I find farcical, considering it has taken over 2.5 years to approve.
  3. I am still waiting to be sworn in, I applied in May 2017. My I-751 was approved early December, and I am now just waiting to get an oath date. Hopefully it is within the next few days...
  4. Afternoon all, I received an email from my congresswoman on Friday, and it was positive. USCIS at Orlando, have said that I should receive an oath date within the next 30 business days. I originally reached out to my congresswoman on Monday 19th November and by the 30th I had positive news. I am glad I went down this route, just wish I had gone down it when I first contemplated it 2 months ago. Thanks for all the help and advice.
  5. Good Morning all, Firstly, thanks for all the replies and advice given in the above messages. I have contacted all 3 option, my congresswoman, US Senior Senator and the Junior senator. At this stage, I am willing to try anything. Hopefully this helps expedite my case, as this whole situation is very draining. I will give any updates as and when I hear/ receive anything.
  6. Apologies if this has been asked before. I have browsed the last 8 pages and didn't see anything of similar entities. I applied for ROC in July 2016, and N400 in May 2017, based on the 3 year marriage ruling. I was interviewed in April 2018 for my N400 and advised that I would be approved, and I should hear back from them in 7-10 days for an oath date. In May 2018, I received a letter saying that my ROC had been transferred to NBC to speed up processing times. However after several infopass appointments, all the officers have advised me that my ROC is actually in Orlando (my field office) and not at the NBC hq. I have filed online out of processing times, and got the generic 'you should hear back in 90 days' and I am still to hear back. I have called the 800 number and been told that the dates are just an approximation and they vary. So, the last thing I can think of is to contact my congressperson. I have figured out who she is and how to contact, my question to the good people of Visa Journey is, what should I be telling her. Am I better to give too much information or is it best to keep it short and sweet? This is the final straw, as my patience has now worn thin and I am running out of ideas, to bring this long drawn process to an end. Obviously I have never gone through this before, so any help is much appreciated, Thanks in advance.
  7. I was told on 2nd April 2018 in Orlando, FL that I was approved for citizenship. I am still waiting to be sworn in. I believe it is because my i751 is still pending. I applied for USC I n May 2017 based on the 3 year marriage rule.
  8. Good morning, I am in the same situation. I was approved for my N400 on April 2nd at Orlando and I am still waiting for my oath. My I-751 form was submitted in July 2016.
  9. Being honest, I am not sure. I am still waiting on my I-751 to be approved. I applied in July 2016 and in May, I was told it had been moved to the Missouri office to speed the process up. However I have had 4 infopass appointments and all have said that my I751 is sat in Orlando (my field office). I was supposed to have an I751 interview the same day as my N400, but the officer was aware neither was I, so It got left. I was told I should hear about my oath in 7-10 days, I am now 6 months later, and all I am being told, is that they are behind and I will have to wait and be patient. on all 4 info pass appointments, I have filled in a document which was going to be passed to the officer who interviewed me, to go to the next stage, but so far nothing has progressed. I have also placed an out of processing time, as they are now dealing with N400mapplications after my date, and I received a letter in the mail saying I should get a response in 60-90 days (last week). So if it is 90 days, I could effectively have been interviewed in April 2018 and still waiting to be sworn in comewhat early 2019. I would rather be told yes or no, opposed to this constant radio silence.
  10. Morning, Sorry I haven't really used this forum for a while. Unfortunately I am still in the same position as I was the last time I checked in. I am still waiting for a date to be sworn in, every trip to the USCIS in Orlando I come away with a different response from the officer. It has been nearly 6 months (tomorrow) since I was interviewed and I am still waiting to be sworn in.
  11. We are now at the end of September, and have had 3 infopass appointments and another out of time service request. I am still waiting to be sworn in despite passing the naturalization test back on 2nd April. This whole process is draining and completely farcical. On all 3 of my info pass appointments I have been told different things. Really running out of ideas of what next to do.
  12. I am still waiting to be sworn in, I had an info pass appointment 1st August 2018, and was told that they hadn't synced my Removal of Conditions for I-751 so I would be required to be interviewed again with my wife. Not a problem, I was told that I should receive an interview letter within a week of my infopass appointment. 2 weeks have passed and I still haven't received said letter, I called the 800 number and was told that they couldn't see that my I-751 was in Orlando and it is showing to be in Missouri. Is it possible to have a walk in appointment at Orlando USCIS? or do I have to wait another 2 weeks until an info pass appointment is available?
  13. So following on from my infopass appointment, my I751 ROC is actually sitting in Orlando, and has been since before my N400 interview in April, contry to what they said when I was told it had been sent to the NB offices in Missouri. The officer was hopeful that they could arrange an interview for me and I should receive a letter within the next week.... I would recommend booking an infopass appointment if still waiting for ROC.
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