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  1. I believe what I have with my right now is the copy of it. I'm sorry Thank you for the clarification, I believe it's my copy Yeah, this is what I've been thinking and reading, some people get RFE and some are not. It seems like it depends on the IO during the interview. I'm just considering the possibilities of getting RFE if I'm using the copy that I have now and would love to know what are the experiences of other people who didn't do the second medical checkup.
  2. Officer in airport just briefly checking my passport, and didnt take my medical reports. I still have my DS3025 + chest xray
  3. Hi everyone, We finally got out interview letter last week and I'm preparing for the documents to be brought on the interview day. My question right now is regarding the medical checkup if I can still use my previous K-1 medical checkup report. I've been reading a lot, now it says valid for 2 years or I might be wrong? I called various clinics yesterday and apparently the cost is over $500++ not including vaccinations if needed and it's quite expensive for me Anyone have experience going to AOS interview using their K-1 medical report? Or should I go for another one? I did medical checkup in Malaysia - July 2018 K-1 Interview in Kuala Lumpur - July 2018 Enter USA via K-1 - August 2018 Married - Oct 2018 Submitted AOS form - May 2019 Did biometrics - June & July 2019 (I did twice because FBI couldnt read my fingerprints for the 1st one) Interview - this upcoming 30th Oct Appreciate if anyone can share their experiences here, or any advices for me whether I should just go for another medical checkup? Thank you so much!
  4. Thank you!! And do you have any idea regarding the birth certificate translation? My BC is in English but for some reason my gender and my dad's occupation was writte in Malay. Should I find a translator or just do it by myself? I read that some people hire professionals but I'm trying to save my money to do it by myself if it can be accepted by USCIS.
  5. Hello, I have questions here, been reading the forum to look for answers but I guess it's safer to create a new topic and ask for everyone's opinion. I got married last Oct under K1, and still in the process to complete all my AOS forms but I have 2 issues here 1) I just moved to a new house a month ago, my husband said that we need to inform USCIS regarding the new address because our mailing address now gonna be different than the one we used while applying for K1. Is it necessary? 2) My passport is expiring soon, on this coming May. I was thinking if I should proceed with the application and renew my passport later OR renew first, and submit application afterwards? Thank you everyone ❤️
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