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  1. Thanks bro. I really appreciate 👊 Yours is around the corner.
  2. I thought as much.
  3. An update at last! So, I woke up to an email from uscis this morning saying an action was taken on my case that I should log into my account to check my status update. Lo and behold! "We are producing your card and will mail it to you You do not need to do anything at this time We will mail your Green Card, employment authorization document (EAD), or combo card (EAD and advance parole) to the address you gave us. It may take up to 120 days to deliver your new card." Quick question: why does it give the option of green card when the update only comes under EAD status?
  4. I wish i could just give up on this or find something to take my mind off this frustrating wait. 138 days and still counting.
  5. Day 138 here and zilch! Lets keep the hope high
  6. Congratulations!!! I believe mine is around the corner too.
  7. Congratulations!.
  8. Welcome on board. I know a lot of us will get updated this month. So! Hakuna matata 😉
  9. We are in the same boat... (Same received date) I hope something happens soon.
  10. Woah! I should keep my cool then.. Have you called them? Have you got your Ead?
  11. I guess I am the only one still waiting on here.. Say 130.. And Nothing since rfie 75days ago.
  12. Is there any K1 Aos filer based in Atlanta GA in here?
  13. Sup bro. I know how you feel, just give them a lil more time like a week or 2... There is nothing to worry about if there are no red flags what's so ever. If the iO doesn't like Africans or she had had negative experience with one already that's her personal problem that can't interfere with her formal decision. So either she likes it or not she has to do the right thing by law. BTW! Having an interview this early is a plus for you bro.. Just count your blessings and be happy. Notin do you. #My received date is Dec 29... Still nothing#
  14. Congratulations! Day 123 here and nada