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  1. I changed my name after becoming a US citizen.
  2. Hello All, I wanted to change my name during the naturalization process but my office (San Jose, CA) does not do judicial ceremonies, so I can't do that. I think I would need to change my name after becoming a US citizen. Does anyone know if it is OK to change your name via the court before you have your Oath Ceremony? I think the name change process through the court system takes about a month. I have not received my oath ceremony letter yet but most likely it is going to be in exactly a month (I just got the text/email that my ceremony has been scheduled). I think I have just enough time to do the name change before I receive the Naturalization Certificate at the Oath Ceremony. I'm wondering how long in advance they produce the Certificates with my current legal name. If I bring proof of my name change, would they issue my Naturalization Certificate with my new name? If you have had this experience, please do share it. I would love to hear it. I will call USCIS tomorrow and try to get an infopass to ask this question. Thank you all!