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  1. Totally agree with above: " signed statement of intent to marry within 90 days of arrival on the visa from the petitioner and the beneficiary" - we got an RFE requesting that.
  2. We did a timeline, pictures... at the end all they care about was evidence: passport stamps are key if available. We got an RFE that requested an official statement (signed letter) indicating that we met. The REF indicated that pictures are not evidence... so no idea if they actually looked at them...
  3. ok responding to my own post lol... I field for renewal. It's free and better be safe than sorry. I did not apply for the AP, not sure if it will be automatically renewed but EAD is the most important.
  4. been wondering the same thing? did you ended up filing for a renewal?
  5. Hello guys! We are in Houston so probably the slowest office possible... when would you consider renewing the EAD and AP? It's still valid until July but just wondering since it took 5 months to get it maybe I should file for renewal now? ... really starting to be worried that we won't get our interview before July... what do you guys think? (... why is Houston office so slow )
  6. I will attempt this also. Love my car too much lol... just to confirm did you actually install it yourself or does it have to be installed by a professional? and please cross your fingers!!! I hope it works for me also!
  7. I don't think you need that and I would be very surprised if the consulate would do something like this but I may be wrong...
  8. We were in the same situation ... while we did fly back and forth on multiple occasions to see each other we did not keep any boarding passes (as we did not planned to get married when we met the first time lol) and we also had not stamps in passports. We submitted pictures, plane tickets purchase proof, and what we could could come up as evidence and it was not sufficient. We got an RFE requesting an "official statement" - so we had to write a letter similar to the "promise to marry" letter stating that we did meet in person. I would suggest you also include this letter, something like "I solely declared that I met on that date (or dates) with X" and of course sign it. The RFE clearly indicated pictures are not evidence.... include as much as you can to avoid the delay of an RFE.
  9. Hi, never received packet 3 just sent email. Sorry for late response.
  10. Just a quick update... weirdly my package was "waiting for pick up Saturday" and well someone did pick it up and signed it on Sunday!!!!... I would believe that they USCIS is not working today ( holiday for government offices) or Sunday but anyhow have to go with what I have.... crossing fingers! Stay positive everyone!
  11. If you are filling from K1 you have to pay $1,225: AOS + biometric... no need to pat AP or EAD if you file all at the same time. I had my package returned cause I forgot biometric fees so I doubled check on the phone when I called them.
  12. I am sure all will turn out ok. Just stay positive and very patient!
  13. ... as my husband said... at least we know what's going on...
  14. So you were right. Got it in the mail this morning... but stupid me forgot the biometric fees!!!! so they returned everything back and I just went back to the post office and mailed it again with a new check.... :((((
  15. Sure hope so! Check has not been cashed in yet