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  1. Hello, I'm hoping some others may have experience which will help me. My fiance arrived in the U.S. in late June. His 90-day period will be over on 09/23 but we are already married. We have already filed the AOS paperwork and he recently had his biometrics appointment. We obtained a Tennessee State ID for him, but they put an expiration date of 09/23 since that's when the 90-day period expires. We want to get his State ID updated but I don't know what documentation I need to show the state. If anyone can help me here I'll greatly appreciate it. Wallace
  2. My fiance from Ghana recently arrived in the U.S. and we were married. You can't get any less gay-friendly than Ghana. As others have said, the people your fiance will deal with are U.S. citizens. We did not have any problem and the man who interviewed my fiance at the Accra consulate was very nice and respectful. Good luck!
  3. Wallhut

    K-1 Ghana Approved!

    Abena, I hope you are doing well in life. I pray your visa journey will soon be finished as ours is now. My fiance picked up his visa five weeks after the interview, but not because that was when he was notified it was ready. Like so many others there was no notice the visa was at DHL, neither from the embassy nor DHL. They said it would be two weeks, and on the third week he went to DHL but they said it was not there, so we decided we should wait until we were notified it was ready, but that never occurred. Finally another member on this website said her fiance tried and tried to contact the embassy but never got through, and also called DHL but they said it was not there. He finally went to DHL in person and his visa was there waiting. Another friend of mine I met on here whose husband is already here said her fiance was never notified his visa was ready for pick up either and that he just went to DHL and it was there. So my finace decided to try again last week and this time when he went the visa was there. So once you are approved do not expect to be told the visa is ready. Wait three weeks and if you have not heard anything then physically go the DHL office to check. Sadly, that is the only way to know for sure. My fiance just left today to visit his mother in Togo before coming to America. He will return to Accra in a few days, pack and them come here. I am very excited. Please take care. Wallace
  4. Oh, Juva. CONGRATULATIONS! I am SO HAPPY for you! Wow, he had a tough interview! I am 26 years older than my fiance, but when it is an older woman and younger man they are very careful from what I've read. That was QUITE an ordeal for him! He must have done well to go through all that and still be approved! This is fantastic news! Wallace
  5. Wallhut

    K-1 Ghana Approved!

    My understanding is the Priority Date is the date when the USCIS first received your application. When creating your account on ustraveldocs.com to set up your interview you should select Immigrant. You will receive an email with the confirmation number after completing DS-160 online at the ceac.state.gov website. You must complete the DS-160 (which is the true application for visa, rather than the I-294) before scheduling your appointment. I hope this helps, and good luck! Wallace
  6. Wallhut

    K-1 Ghana Approved!

    WHAT A GREAT DAY! I just wanted everyone to know my fiance had his interview today at the U.S. Embassy in Accra, Ghana, and by the grace of God he was approved! Soon he will come to America for us to be married! I must thank the U.S. Embassy in Ghana for their kindness to him and their approval, and also all the great people on Visajourney who helped me navigate this process smoothly. If not for the generosity of those on here and those who make videos like the ones on YouTube I'm not sure we would have been able to be successful. I wish all of you awaiting your loved one's approval the best of luck and encourage you to stay vigilant and positive that your day will arrive too. I first mailed off my I-294 application on 06-15-2017, so from mailing to approval it's been about 11 months. I am here to help in any way I can as always. Wallace
  7. Wallhut

    K-1 Visa Interview Ghana

    KingDev, Wow! That is amazing! All I can think is that even though you never received the Package 3 it was ready when your fiance went for the interview. That is likely why they were not turned away. In any event, it doesn't matter, they were approved! That's all that matters, right? But I agree, I would not schedule the interview until you are certain the Package 3 is ready. But now I think it is no longer an issue as it appears the reason there are no more interview openings online is that the embassy will be scheduling them at the time of providing the Package 3. Congratulations again on your success! Wallace
  8. Wallhut

    K-1 Visa Interview Ghana

    That is very interesting. I can only imagine the change is due to the two of us who scheduled our interview before getting the Package 3 and were turned away when appearing for the interview before it was sent. I'm guessing they want to prevent that from happening again and so will schedule people themselves when they send the Package 3. That explains why there are no appointments available on the ustraveldocs website. Please do not dispair. I'm sure your case will not "fall through the cracks." You have come so far, you must remain positive. I know you don't really mean "harrass" the embassy, but again, while neither I nor my fiance have ever contacted the embassy, I highly recommend if you do so to be patient and courteous with the people there. They have the ability to make the most critical decision in your life, so I would always keep that in the front of my mind. Also, I am sure they do the very best they can with the resources they have available. I'd be willing to guess it's just as frustrating for them at times trying to carry out their duties as it is for us waiting to have our fiance approved. However, to Abena Kofi, my heartfelt congratulations to you and your fiance. My fiance has his interview this week, and we are praying for the same outcome. I am so happy for you two. Wallace
  9. Wallhut

    K-1 Visa Interview Ghana

    Hello, Yes, we were able to schedule a new interview. I didn't hear back from the traveldocs website about re-using our existing GT Bank fee (since he was turned away at the first interview) until after we paid a new fee, and then when they did reply their response was just basically, "Hey, we see you scheduled a new interview," so there was no real resolution of whether or not they would have allowed us to reschedule using the same fee. Since another person posted they were told a new fee was required (they didn't specify who told them this, but I assume it was the U.S. Embassy) I just figured we might as well do the same thing so we could reschedule as quickly as possible. The only date available when I did schedule was in early May, and I scheduled it a couple of weeks ago, so I have no idea what the nearest date is to schedule one now. I wish you guys the very best of luck too. I hope you get the Package 3 email very soon. Keep an eye on the petitioner's email account as that's where it is sent. After the long wait we will have our answer soon, but I am sure they will clearly see the real and life-long love we have for each other and approve him coming to me. That will be the happiest day in my life. Wallace
  10. Wallhut

    K-1 Visa Interview Ghana

    Hi Success! I love your screen name. That shows positivity and I love it. Keep in mind the "Packet 3" is simply an email that is sent to the petitioner. Our package went from the NVC to the embassy in late February and we just received our Package 3 email in late March, so for us it was about one month. I would not expect there to be a consistent time frame, though, because these things are uncertain and change regularly. There are many factors that go into the time frame for things to happen. I would not take either action (Complete DS-160 or pay GT Bank fee) until you can see on the CEAC website that your case is in READY status. Once that is true I think you are safe to do those two things, but DO NOT schedule your interview until your petitioner receives the Package 3 email. I would even say at this time it is OK for the fiance to complete the medical exam and obtain the police report (if not already done) once the CEAC shows the case in READY status. I sent an email request from with the traveldocs website two days ago asking if we can use the original bank fee since my fiance was turned away at his interview. That's the website where you actually schedule the interview. The website says they will answer within 1-2 business days, but it's nearing the end of the second day and I have not heard back, so today I sent my fiance enough money to pay a new GT Bank fee and receive a new invoice number to reschedule his interview. As you've probably seen, another visajourney member was in the same position and was told they must pay another fee, so I'm just proceeding because we want to reschedule the interview as soon as possible. Just FYI - I'm attaching the document we received as part of the Package 3. I hope this helps. Please keep us updated on your progress. I wish you two all the success in the world! Wallace Instructions- K1 Application.pdf
  11. Thank you so much for this information. I will send my fiance the money to pay another fee, even though it does not seem like we should be required to do it since I don't recall being given any notification we had to wait for Package 3 before scheduling the interview as long as the status on the CEAC website showed READY, which it did. The traveldocs website where we actually do the scheduling, and where I asked about using the existing fee, said they would reply within two days and tomorrow will be the second day, so I hope I hear something. Whatever their response, I'm going to pay the second GT Bank fee if I have to because my love coming to me is worth more than all the money in the world. Thank you again for keeping us updated on your progress. I will do the same. I believe love conquers all and the love I have with my fiance is stronger than the hardest steel, so I know we will be successful. I pray that is true for you and your fiance also. Wallace
  12. Juva, Thank you very much for this information. I saw your earlier post and as it happens it was only one day before his interview, but at least it prepared us for what to expect, and sure enough he was turned away. Only a few days later we also received the email saying he can now schedule his interview. I also tried to re-use the GT Bank receipt number in the traveldocs website to schedule a new interview but it would not accept it. I sent a message within the traveldocs website asking if he can re-use the original receipt since he did not actually have the first interview. I just wrote them yesterday and am waiting for the response. Can you tell me if anyone told you that you must pay another GT Bank fee or did you just go ahead and do it when the prior receipt number did not work? Also, are you not having the interview until May because that was the earliest date available on the traveldocs website to schedule it? I hope all will finally work out well for you guys. I know you are going through a lot in this process and I pray for the best for you. Please keep us updated on how things go. Wallace
  13. Wallhut

    K-1 Visa Interview Ghana

    KingDev, I cannot say I think it's a good thing to harass the consular, but I hope all will go well for your fiance's interview. It's interesting because I just received an email today saying they are ready for my fiance to schedule his interview and attached a document about what to bring and with other instructions. I am surprised your fiance must physically go to the embassy for the Package 3 since I (the petitioner) received an email, which is what I was expecting to happen vs. my fiance having to travel to the embassy for the package. I have an issue, however, because when I tried to go back into the traveldocs website to schedule a new interview it said it did not recognize the transaction number from the GT Bank receipt, so I wrote to them asking if we will have to pay a new fee even though he was not allowed to have the interview the first time. I'm hoping they allow us to use the same fee for the new interview. I am currently waiting for a reply. So the embassy picked the date for your fiance's interview or did you pick the date? Please let us all know how your interview goes, and thank you for keeping us updated on your progress. Wallace
  14. No word about the Package 3. The Package 4, as I understand it, is what you get after your interview and approval. I responded to the Package 3 receipt question on the other thread, but basically the embassy should be emailing the petitioner (and possibly the beneficiary as well) when the Package 3 is ready for pick up. The concern is that many people I know never heard anything from the embassy. It think that may have happened in the past because they mailed the Package 3 to the beneficiary's address rather than notifying them via email to come to the embassy and get it, but I'm not at all sure that's correct, and if anyone on here can verify this it will be appreciated. The NVC said my package was sent to Ghana February 26th, so if we do not hear anything by mid-April I will have to figure out the way to contact the embassy to question the status. I believe the only way to do that is via email, and I've also heard many times emails to the embassy go unanswered. I will continue hoping and praying for the best. My greatest suggestion is to remain positive and patient, keep on top of it, and do what you can to determine the status when appropriate. Best Wishes. Wallace
  15. Wallhut

    K-1 Visa Interview Ghana

    Abena Kofi, Knowing what I know now my recommendation would be to wait until you get the Package 3 from the embassy before getting your police report or medicals. Both are good for (at least) six months. If you get those things now you face the possibility of having them expire before your interview, although that's probably a low risk. I would be far less worried about losing time by doing everything right and just having to wait a little longer than having to lose time by something going wrong and have added expense on top of the lost time. I'm guessing, like us, you've already been waiting for some time, so a little longer will be all right, and certainly the final positive outcome will be worth all the waiting. I love that you encourage us to keep the faith, and I send the same encouragement back to you. With smart actions, prayers and patience we will be rewarded at the right time. P.S. There have been people who say they never received any notification from the embassy about a package to be picked up. However, I think the embassy updated their notification method such that they email the sponsor (and maybe even the beneficiary) notifying them it's ready, so hopefully that process has improved. Right now, according to this website, http://www.visajourney.com/timeline/stats.php, the average number of days from the embassy in Ghana receiving the package from NVC and the date of the interview is 55 days. That's WAY DOWN from when I checked a couple of months ago and it was around 108 as I recall. If you don't hear about the Package 3 after 60 days from when you know it was received by the embassy in Ghana I'd try and contact them. I'm not sure of the best way to do that, and I've heard that it's not always that certain you'll get a response. We just need to stay vigilant and do what we can. Wallace