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  1. Yes, I think I'm the same field office (I assume, I haven't seen the interview notice yet). I was not expecting to hear about my interview until maybe mid-2020!
  2. Hey everyone, Just a tip that I received from my immigration lawyer. If you're still waiting for your interview to be scheduled, send in your EAD renewal paperwork early. I was advised that this often triggers the interview to be scheduled. I sent mine in mid-November, received notice that my interview had been scheduled in the last week or so (still waiting for the notice to find out when it is...) and also already received my EAD renewal card! Probably this is a weird exception but hey, can't hurt to try.
  3. Wow, that's super annoying. I just checked mine and it expires when my EAD does, also 🤬
  4. Oh right. I already got the license sorted, just trying to get on with life during this process! Thanks for the info.
  5. DL? My EAD expires in March and I'm thinking about sending in the application soon to renew. Looks like that's taking a while, too.
  6. Ugh, stupid SF office! Although I see that they're outsourcing some of their applications to other offices to help speed their processes along, perhaps we'll be lucky...
  7. Hi everyone! I just received the notification that my interview was ready to be scheduled (first NOA 3rd Jan). Anyone here processed at the San Francisco office and if so, how long did it take your interview to be scheduled? Many thanks 😊
  8. I would think you’ll probably get both, then. My updates only quoted EAD, not AP until I actually received letters. Then it was stated that both had been approved. It should be a combo card, yes.
  9. I applied for severe financial hardship, on the basis that I had a job offer and obligatory student loan repayments in my home country. I think all EAD and AP cards are dealt with by the NBC. Mine was, anyway.
  10. I received the request for further documentation on March 21st. I got the notification that my card was being produced on March 27th. Took until April 3rd for the card to be delivered.
  11. Hi everyone, I'd like to give you information about my expedite process so you can have an idea of how long everything is taking/what you get notifications for etc. 03/21/2019: Requested to have AP and EAD expedited on the phone to USCIS (separate processes). AP of the grounds of "humanitarian reasons" due to my university graduation ceremony and a culturally significant role that my mother was taking part in during the ceremony. EAD due to a job offer and "severe financial hardship" due to obligatory student loan repayments in my home country. 03/21/2019: Received email: "Upon receipt of your request for expeditious processing, your case was reviewed and a determination was made that we need additional information to make a decision regarding your request. Please fax supporting documentation to 816-251-2290. Please include this notice with your fax." This only mentioned the EAD request, so I was unsure if AP was also being considered at the same time. Faxed documents that afternoon. I included a cover letter outlining everything that was included in the fax (I combined documents for both AP and EAD). DID NOT RECEIVE NOTIFICATION THAT FAXED DOCUMENTS WERE RECEIVED. I called USCIS a few days later to ask whether I would, they said I wouldn't heard anything unless the expedite was approved or denied. 03/27/2019: Received "New card ordered" notification via email (and assumed approval). Did not receive official letters on this until a few days later and therefore not totally sure that both AP and EAD were approved. 04/01/2019: Received "We mailed your new card" notification via email. 04/02/2019: Received "Your card was picked up by the post office" notification via email complete with USPS tracking number. 04/03/2019: Card was delivered to my lawyer's office. Picked up the combination AP/EAD card in person on 04/05/2019. Hope that helps you guys with an expected timeframe, etc. My process seems to have been quite fast and straightforward. Although we have been using an immigration lawyer with all our forms, I submitted the expedite process myself on the phone. Let me know if you have any questions.
  12. My appointment notice is dated 01/11/2019, but our lawyer received it before I did. I think when I got it in the mail, it was around 2 weeks out.
  13. January filer here! AOS, EAD and AP. All NOA1's dated 7th January. Biometrics appointment was on the 30th of January. Now we wait......
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