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  1. I got this update 12:01am Monday but don’t know what it means. Can someone tell me please???
  2. No. It was for the I-360. Only got the update yesterday about I-485 that it was transferred to another office. Guess the NOA will follow
  3. Thanks breddah. I like how they keep them coming
  4. Update guys. My lawyer received NOA- Notice type - Approval Notice NOA- Notice type - Notice Of Deferred Action. Yay 😎😎😎😎
  5. Yeah inuh. Just waiting. Never knew you were a yaadie??? Bless up yuh self
  6. Thank very much @Gogetter. Ironically if you check my Facebook Account, my user name is actually Trizzle-Go-Getta. DWL
  7. Honestly I thought you had receive some sort of notification that your case is transferred since you’ve gotten approval before me. They sent me a text message and a Yahoo message with a lengthy instruction to read. What you can do is use your Receipt Number for 1-485 and not the I-360 and check it on the USCIS website.
  8. Ok. @gur was just asking how long the processing times take. @FridayGirl@69 I got update today that my case was transferred to another office.
  9. I got RFE 16 months of waiting. After they received RFE response, it took 41 days then my case got approved. If this helps
  10. Thanks and I’m waiting patiently as well for that update
  11. Thanks @jamaicafineness. It’s about time your application get submitted.
  12. New Card in Production 12.19.18 Case Was Approved Notice 1.1.19
  13. Congratulations. Another wait begins