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  1. https://www.facebook.com/100012599440608/videos/830609697369004/ funny video
  2. Hello Hank I hope you had a good thanksgiving. I have a question My fiancee is here and at the airport they gave her a envelop[e with USPHS on it and told her to call them the next day what is this ? Thanks bud
  3. Hello All FYI got approved and visa is ready for pick up Yayyyy she will be here by thanksgiving day thanks frank for the help and all who commented
  4. its like the 9th week so we should be good thanks will keep you posted she goes back to get the results and vaccines on the 7th then we already set up interview on the 11th so hopefully we are all set
  5. Thanks for asking Sarge Well she went for the medical and they saw a blot on her chest ex-ray so she had to do the ####### test 8 more weeks and so far no call she goes back Nov 7th for the results (witch I believe are fine) and we are scheduled for the interview on Nov 11 so if all goes well I am trying to get her home by Thanksgiving if no more issues wew long journey but she is worth it 🙂
  6. thanks and no i did not but I have been reading all the info on all the sights and I was under the impression I had to Waite for the NVC to send the packet to Malina and then my future wife will get a letter in the mail telling her what to do next so if you don't mind please just give me a step by step what i should do now. the case of beer is waiting on you 🙂 like i said as of now I sent the my fiancee the i-129 copy. also sent her the form i-134 with all supporting documents we just got online together and filled out the ds-160 and got the confirmation page printed out. when I do a visa check it says at NVC. so now should we pay the fee and schedule a medical even though the manila still has not got the paperwork from NVC? sorry for being a pain
  7. hay hank I deleted the other conversation but did not understand what you were saying. I filed the i-129f and was sent a approval letter then I called nvc twice and got the case number and the invoice ID so now do I just Waite for the letter from NVC? we did fill out the ds-160 form already and got the confirmation page printed out
  8. Either way it should not matter seeing as his daughter is 24 or 25 now
  9. yes he is on birth cit but there was a divorce done here in the us and that was all covered
  10. Thanks for the read I am going trough some of that hell myself filed my second i-129f back in April just got approved now awaiting on the interview and getting paperwork ready its been 2.8 years since we meet and I have been to see her 4 times almost home god willing wew
  11. Hello to anyone who commented on this post just giving a update I contacted the ex and he did go trough with a divorce and it is final reapplied for the k-1 and was approved now waiting on the next step yayyy its been a long trip and almost there.
  12. hello all I filed my I-129f back in Dec of 1017 and just got a denial letter. But there is still hope the issue is my Fiance is from the Philippines she was married twice and has 3 older kids. the first Marriage was in the Philippines to and American guy and about three months after the marriage she did move to the US but only stayed with him for two months and moved back to the Philippines (she was not happy with the relationship) she also was pregnant with his daughter when she left the USA. After a few mouths back home he stopped calling and they lost touch he never even saw his daughter in person. Flash forward 5 years later she (my fiance) meet her second husband and after a few years dating they wanted to get married but she could not get in touch with her first husband in the US. So after talking to a Lawyer in the Philippines they were told the fastest way to end the marriage was to have the Philippine courts give a order of Declaration of Presumptive death. Witch the court did grant (after a short trial and she had to put adds in the local newspaper) the court did grant the order and this allowed my Faience to Merry her second husband, This second marriage lasted 18 years until his death in 2015 should I be worried about all this husband death? LOLOL Just kidding anyway I filed the I129f and the reason it was denied was because the first husband Is still alive in the US very old now but the denial says I did not prove the first husbands presumed death by the Philippine courts would allow her to marry me here in the USA I am contacting a lawyer this time and want some thoughts on should I appeal or file a motion to reconsider witch will be faster. Thanks so much for any help with this roller coaster ride for love. I did get a fre about the first husband and sent the full court file of the presumptive death court order and a copy of the Philippine law but was still denied. Thank you for your responses.
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