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  1. Thanks She is a US citizen, so her eTA should be all she needs to leave and return (and her passport, of course)
  2. My wife and I have a trip scheduled to Australia (my brother's wedding) and I wondered if I was missing anything vital to ensure I can get back into the US afterwards - Wife has a valid US passport and an eTA for travel to Australia I have a valid Australian passport, valid PR card and valid EA card. We completed the process 9 months ago and I have been full time employed for the last 5 Our trip will be for 3 weeks and only consists of travel to and from Australia Do I need anything beyond my cards and the Visa page attached in my passport? We'd hate for anything to cause me to get refused entry after everything it took to get over here, married, approved etc...
  3. Thanks guys, i'll keep looking then and see what happens as the months unfold Terribly frustrating, but it is what it is
  4. I read on a website that if i have an offer of employment i can get the EAD fast-tracked?
  5. Hi guys, So i made it to the US and am now a happily married man I have all my change of status papers and am just about ready to send them off, but i am wondering about the EAD situation I get that i have to send off the i-765 so that i can work, but what happens next? Do they send me something or is it ok to go looking for work right away? Obviously i'd like to get started but i want to make sure i'm doing it by the book Cheers
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