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  1. NateSurman

    Work & EAD

    Thanks guys, i'll keep looking then and see what happens as the months unfold Terribly frustrating, but it is what it is
  2. NateSurman

    Work & EAD

    I read on a website that if i have an offer of employment i can get the EAD fast-tracked?
  3. Hi guys, So i made it to the US and am now a happily married man I have all my change of status papers and am just about ready to send them off, but i am wondering about the EAD situation I get that i have to send off the i-765 so that i can work, but what happens next? Do they send me something or is it ok to go looking for work right away? Obviously i'd like to get started but i want to make sure i'm doing it by the book Cheers
  4. NateSurman

    Sealed envelope

    Thankyou everyone for clarifying how it all works i can now open the Toll envelope without fear of breaking the rules hahaha America here i come!!
  5. Hi guys, So we FINALLY got approved and i received an envelope from Toll Express Now, i know i'm not supposed to open anything BUT my passport is inside, so howwwww do i board a plane without a passport that is inside a sealed, do not open envelope? Probably a dumb question but i want to be sure before i book my flight Cheers!