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  1. Hi, after how long they denied? Did USCIS ask for RFE? If you don’t mind sharing your timeline. I’m worried about being denied as well.
  2. Hello, I’m October 2017 vawa filer. I know they are not working n October yet but I would like to know if you guys have some experience with something like my timeline: Applied October 2017. 3 months later they asked me for Bonafide + good moral. I respond in April 2017. I haven’t hear anything since April 2017. do you think they will send me a new RFE? Or they should have done it already if my answer didn’t satisfied them? i had good proofs for the abuse but I didn’t have good proofs for bonafide marriage, I’m afraid that what I sent was not enought that’s why I want to know if they would have send a new RFE already or if they might do it soon. thank you!
  3. Recently I applied for FAFSA and there was no option besides citizens and permanents and I checked permanent resident and put my alien number. Do you guys think that this is a problem for me?