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  1. I have not found anyone yet but hoping to find a life partner before india trip due to family circumstances and my parents health issues! Also as dilip mentioned it gonna take almost two years for my wife to be here.
  2. Thank you everyone for the response. So basically my 5 years will hit in August 2020 and than I will be able to apply for I130. That’s good to know. Thank you once again.
  3. Hello I entered United States November 2014 on K1 Visa And got the 2 year green card in August 2015. Applied for ROC in May 2017 and I751 got approved in July 2018. I was eligible to apply for Citizenship under 3 year rule in May 2018 but we were in moving process so I decided to apply after I get settle in new state. Meantime me and my wife have been having issues for more than a year. We moved to texas right after I751 approved in July 2018. After few months I applied for Citizenship under 3 year rule in November 2018 and in just 1 month I received Interview date was scheduled on January 22 2019. Right before the interview me and my wife have had huge arguments and decided to end the marriege. Since she left my house I did not have her Citizenship certificate to take with me to interview. I appeared at the interview and been very honest with officer. I told him my situation and asked him If i was not eligible under 3 year rule than i would like to withdraw my application. Officer was nice. He still took my test and told me I passed the test but He will not deny my application. Either he will send me Oath letter or If i m not eligible he will withdraw my application. Couple of days after My application got withdrawn and We got divorced legally in May 2019. I believe I can apply under five year rule and I will be eligible to apply in May 2020. I have booked the tickets to go india and get married in Feb 2020 right before I will apply for naturalization. So below are my few questions. 1. How will my application for Naturalization under 5 year rule be affected since i m divorced? 2. Can I go India and get married before naturalization? If i get married does it affect my eligibility or my application? 3. Is it best for me to get naturalized before getting married? Please advice me. Thank you so much in advance.
  4. Did you recieve interview dates yet? I have a same scenario My fathers documents were accepted on Feb 28 and my mother on march 13th. Now waiting for interview dates
  5. Hi when did your documents were approved by NVC? I mean how long did it take to receive interview date after documents accepeted?
  6. Thank you for the response.! Yes we were in married union when I filled the application. I explained officer that I just got saprated a months ago but still married. I dont know what will be the outcome? If not Approved I have to wait till May 2020 until I can apply under 5 year rule.
  7. I had a citizenship interview on 22nd Jan and Since I m living saprate from my spouse, I was very upfront with USCIS officer regarding my current situation. Officer said He couldnt make the decision yet but He will either approve and schedule Oath for me or In case of daniel, he will withdraw my application. in case if my applications doesnt get approval because we are getting saprate. I have to wait 1 and half year to apply again under 5 year rule. But when can i get married again to file i130 for spouce? can i get married and apply for I130 as a permenant reaident? Or have to wait to become a citizen?
  8. June 5 2017 Case tracker app uscis online status website uscis dhs website
  9. Yes DHS web says My card is being produced.! I m trying not to get too excited since all three website says three different updates
  10. Hi guys I applied for I 751 back in June 2017. I just checked USCIS DHS website says New card being produced but Case Tracker app and case status website doesnt show any update. I m confuse, Which site should I believe, M i actully approved? Please reply ASAP
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