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  1. Hi, I am a nashville filer - we applied for the AOS in May last year, had our interview 03-12 and was approved the day after
  2. Had our green card interview yesterday - approved the same day. Updated to card is being produced last night and is on 'Case is approved' today.
  3. Informed Delivery showing a letter from USCIS to me - neither website has updated, both saying ready to be scheduled for an interview
  4. I received my EAD through the door yesterday. I filed early may
  5. Mine went to get ready to be scheduled a few days ago. Nashville has a new field office so I can't find out processing times online! Hopefully no back log
  6. Hey! We're going to do the same thing. Hopefully works out for us too! And it is very strange lol
  7. We didnt have last years tax return available to us at the time, its past of the RFE so will be sending that off, but it also states we didnt earn enough (which last year we didnt) but this year my wife earns much more than the requirement
  8. We was there at ten at Atlanta. We gave employer letter stating how much she earns in a year. The RFE asks for. Proof of assets as "income didn't meet the requirements" even though it did or a joint sponsor.
  9. We sent employer letter, and pay stubs since she started in February - I had my biometrics done today in exactly the same building!
  10. Got an RFIE for financial information - my wife meets the 125% + some, but they have asked for proof of assets. confused.
  11. How do you find out what office is looking at your case? Nashville has just opened a new office which services our area (Opened 21st, ours was accepted 22nd), but all the letters say the NBC
  12. NOA1 date 22nd March, received the biometrics appointment today for the 15th of June. 3 hours away at 10am. heh
  13. Cyxs

    221g blue form

    I sent in bank statements because we already submitted the letter, tax transcripts and payslips. They are becoming slightly more strict by the looks and sound of it. Just submit what they've asked for on the 221g and everything will be ok
  14. Well the K1 is an Non Immigrant visa with the intent to Immigrate, and as you go through the Immigration section at the consulate everything up to that point is Immigrant, when it's approved it changes to Non
  15. Been a long process and without putting all my eggs in one basket, after our issued 221g it's finally changed to Non Immigrant Visa Administrative Processing. Hopefully this is good news and come monday will have a nice 'Issued' next to it!