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  1. You are a little - no make that a lot - late worrying about this. What about not being qualified for Medicare which is EARNED or Medicaid which is WELFARE is so hard for people bringing elderly parents is so hard to understand? It is one reason that many people want to end the immigration benefit for parents. Too many people bring relatives and dump them on the poor taxpayers.
  2. I sure hope you have been paying your income taxes and FICA or are you working under the take/off the books? Your employer made a mistake in not having you do so. Is he paying you the going rate? Are you getting W-2s? How did you give him your ITIN?
  3. Another suggestion for your free time is to learn as much as you can about the schools where you might be recruiting. Learn about the US pre-college system, state graduation requirements , .... There are an amazing number of important details that one picks up over time simply by osmosis.
  4. University positions take longer to hire than many other types of employers.
  5. 601s are not typical filings. Another immigration forum named a woman who apparently is very experienced. It is likely "better" for attorneys to concentrate on work visas than family problems because of financial reasons.
  6. For something so important, why would you not engage an attorney experienced in waivers? Your previous attorney obviously did not specialize.
  7. Perfect attitude! I hear Greece is lovely.
  8. Thank your lucky stars!!! It depends on the company you work for and the sate you live in. Some companies subsidize family plans.
  9. If you are employed, your income exceeds the limit. You should have budgeted his health insurance and care before bringing him here. For many $800/month is a bargain
  10. You obviously got yourself into a bad relationship. You need to understand US divorce law. Get yourself to an attorney. Do not be surprised if you are ordered to support her until the divorce is granted if she has no income. You may even be ordered to pay her attorney fees. I hope you have police and emergency medical care reports. Do NOT be in the house with her. If necessary, get a police escort to retrieve your belongings. There are legal forums dealing with divorce; look for them. Do NOT try to file on your own even though it is possible to do so. Too often people wanting to come to the US ignore signs of troubled sponsors. Reflect on what you knew about her before you came to the US; understand what you missed; make better choices in the future. This will be an expensive lesson. Good luck.
  11. You should realize that your income is essentially her money as well as yours. Your savings are also her savings. The children's father should be contributing to their support as should your wife. You are not "paying her money" but supporting her. You need to consult an attorney for an explanation of your RESPONSIBILITIES to support your family. Yours is not a legitimate marriage if you are failing to do so. I see why she is upset if she is begging for money which is by rights hers as well as yours. Look at the term "community property"; just because it comes from your employment does not make it exclusively yours.
  12. I am sure you will find a topic. Look for something in your community. Since you are likely to be expected to research your topic something where you could attend meetings being held for public discussion is a way to make your paper unique. For example, in my community there is a discussion on what to do about a park. There are various factions wanting different opportunities there. There are public meetings for these discussions. This would also give you the option to interview individuals in your community. It is a "controversial" issue but also allows a writer to show some creativity in approach to the topic. Have fun!
  13. Death is a part of life and often happens unexpectedly. Just check the posts where the sponsor has passed away and the beneficiary is in limbo. I feel sorry that your mother raised such an entitled human being wanting only self gratification. There is great joy from working and the feeling of accomplishing something to benefit not only oneself but others. Try it; you might like it.
  14. I am stunned by your comments. What do you intend to do if/when your mother dies? Do you have multi millions in savings to support you, your spouse and any children?
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