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  1. I will definitely do that. They did say they’re not able to provide me with more information but both agents i spoke to confirmed the application was approved.
  2. Yes i spoke to two different agents(called twice to make sure). They werent tier 2 they were just the regular agents, they both said the approval notice was sent to me and card was ordered. The only reason I’m a little confused is because my case status isn’t changing online.
  3. So the io already got the supervisors approval and approved my case?
  4. Update: i called uscis today and the rep told me i was approved yesterday around the same time i had my interview. I don’t know why io didn’t say so, online status still says interview scheduled
  5. Hi everyone me and my husband had our interview yesterday we didn’t get approved on the spot but the officer said to start checking the status online starting last night. My status still says interview scheduled so i called their cs number and the representative told me my case was approved yesterday around the same time we had our interview. My question is has this happened to anyone else? The io gave us a letter the case was still under review yet we were approved at the same time(thats what the rep told me).
  6. Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my questions. I will try to relax and hopefully get some good news soon!
  7. Thank you so much that really makes me feel better. The status still hasn’t changed from interview scheduled. Do you know if the case status updates regularly or does it take some time for it to catch up? Thank you.
  8. Hi everyone, me and my husband had our AOS interview today and the officer handed us a paper that our case was held for review. She explained how a conditionional green card works and said to give it two weeks to get a decision but also mentioned i should check the case status tonight for an update. She mentioned security checks. Do you think our case will be approved? The interview went well in my opinion but that paper kind of worries me though.
  9. Thank you! I just received my EAD last week but no interview date yet. My pd is April so hopefully very soon
  10. Its kind of hard for us to get new affidavits as we don’t have many friends, the only friends we have are his family and I don’t go out much and don’t have a job yet(just received my ead last week) so I can’t really make friends.
  11. Correct, thank you. My husband is my sponsor, their affidavits are only to prove we have a real marriage
  12. Its for I-485 it had to be sent along with our photos proving that our marriage is real.
  13. We sent our AOS package in April. I just received my EAD last week, no updates on their website however. It still says fingerprint review completed. The status of non of my applications changed, have not received interview letter yet either
  14. Its the affidavits for the aos proving that we’re in a real relationship not the sponsorship ones. They are sworn and signed too.