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  1. Update: It was a courtesy letter to let me know I’ll have to get my medical exam done.
  2. I really hope its just a response to the service request. My status online hasn’t changed for a few months now.
  3. I I really hope so. If anyone received their interview letter already please let me know if they come signed. Thank you so much, good luck to you too!
  4. The NOA1 didn’t come signed nor did the biometrics appointment the only thing that was signed was the RFE but we responded to it 4-5 months ago. Yes its kinda hard to see from the scan but there’s definitely a signature.
  5. Nope no status update i even called and the lady told me that maybe it hasn’t updated yet. Thank you so much!!! I’m really worried because i can see through the envelope theres a signature and I’m not sure if interview letters come signed.
  6. After calling them last Friday, today I’m receiving a letter from USCIS but I’m not sure exactly what its about its been less than 4 days since my service request and i doubt they’ll send me a letter the same day i called about it. The reason i know a letter is coming is because i use USPS’ informed delivery feature. I’m kinda nervous about what it could be.
  7. Thank you so much! I wish the same to you and everyone who’s anxiously waiting for a response.
  8. I just got off the phone with them and they told me that our case is still within normal processing time. She said this case takes between 8-14 month to process at the Detroit office.
  9. I might do that thanks! I’m not sure if they’ll be able to give me any more info other than whats already on their website. How long since you mailed your rfe in?
  10. I have the same question. They received our RFE on July 24th and the status is still RFE Received.
  11. I know... i told her we would like her to use the current form and correct any mistakes and I really hope she will do that. This does get me a little worried about how well the cover letter will be written. The dead line is in 3 weeks and it sill hasn’t been sent out, its been 2 months since we received the RFE.
  12. We spoke to pur attourney again today, she wasn’t even planning on filling out a new I-864 because she said it was “the correct one at the time” theres a newer edition from 03/06/2018 and the one she filed was from 2015 I believe... i also let her know that he makes more money now than before so filling out a new one will only help out as the annual income will be way more. She also messed up on my nationality in the I-864 saying USA on there... she said thats not an issue as they didn’t say anything about that.. we are running out of time as the deadline is getting very close and we don’t know what to do
  13. We will definitely do that. We will make sure our attourney sends the current edition in the form as well... she did assure as that sending an otdated form was not the issue, but I feel like it might have something to do with it too.
  14. We did look into it, however we don’t really have any assets that we can use in this case. We have a car, but I’m not sure if that counts. He is the only one making money in our household, as I’m not allowed to work so we really don’t have enough money for expensive assets or big savings.
  15. I am sorry if i caused any confusion I’m actually in the US adjusting status. Not having a joint sponsor is really frustrating and makes you feel very helpless. Fingers crossed for everyone in our situation and I’m hoping it all goes well.