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  1. One year. We would need to reapply around August or September if we don't get the GC before then.
  2. Glad we did as well. Hopefully we will be reschedule in April or May or at least before our EAD expires in Dec. I don't want to apply for an extension.
  3. We went from having a scheduled interview, which was suppose to be today, and then reschedule per the website. We received a new letter yesterday but I didn't open it yet.
  4. Our case was put back in the scheduling queue due to the C-virus. I guess we will get a new notification when the offices open again.
  5. Did they ask a lot about your time in UAE? What type of questions did they ask?
  6. We're up soon. Our interview date is on the 24 of this month. Admittedly, we're a little nervous.
  7. We finally received electronic noticed that our interview is scheduled! Yes. How far out is the interview normally scheduled?
  8. Awesome. We just received the electronic notice that our interview is scheduled. How far out did they schedule the date?
  9. Anyone in the DMV area that has an interview date? Are you in the DMV area?
  10. Help! We applied for a SSN before AOS. The card was received with the incorrect name stating FNU (first name unknown), so we went correct it after getting EAD. Now they’ve sent a new card with a new number. Eeeeek. We have banking and other business in the first number.
  11. We received that as well. I submitted a copy of the prepared taxes from 2018, 6 months of bank statements, and a letter of employment stating my salary.
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