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  1. After many, many months of waiting, the card finally arrived yesterday.
  2. Guys, We're still waiting. Still no Green Card or new work permit. :/ We sent an inquiry through the online portal. Do you know how long it takes to get a response? We can seem to get through on a live call.
  3. We didn't get an update this morning like I'd hoped, I will call the USCIS 800 number tomorrow.
  4. It seems to be page 7, third block down https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/document/forms/g-1055.pdf
  5. Hey guys, If you had to apply for EAD renewal, where do you find the information for renewal without a fee? We had our GC interview, all went well, redid the medical, sent it in by the Oct 7, was received on October 13 but haven't heard anything. The EAD expires on 12/19.
  6. Thank you. I assume we should do this since we don't have the GC in hand.
  7. We're still waiting on the GC too and we've had our interview. How much was it to reapply. The EAD card expires next month.
  8. We had a similar situation but didn't find out until the interview. Go to the USCIS Site, click on medical, find a doctor that does it for your area, print the forms, or they may, then do it over. If you have evidence of vaccination, take it with you.
  9. I wish I knew. Some of the people in this thread received theirs in about one week it seems. We're still waiting for the update that our new medical is in the system.
  10. At the interview. She said the medical was fine but the vacs were incomplete so we had to get that part done.
  11. We're still waiting. Got an RFE for an updated medical with vaccs. Completed it, got the packet mailed, was received on the 13th, so we're in the waiting hold yet again.
  12. That's awesome. Hopefully your card will come in soon. Though she told us we were approved, the online notice hasn't updated yet.
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