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  1. Hi All, Quick one and trying to look for it. I am LPR married to USC. Do we know if LPR will qualify for these stimulus payments - or if only USC. Tried looking around, but can;t find any difinitive sources. Thanksm
  2. I was in the same situation. UK resident, on F1, married and looking to AOS to i-485
  3. Thanks! Since we have both changed employers - should I fill out another 864?
  4. Thanks, I had planned to do the following Insurance info together Connected bank accounts New leases New loans we have last two tax returns Employment contracts Receipts of change of address + i765 renewals More picture evidence of trips, etc spent together.
  5. Hi All, As the title says, my PD was in Jan 2018. We finally have an interview for Aug 1, 2019. However, so much has changed; from combined assets, to locations, to "evidence" of us living together. So do I take the duplicate of my application (485/130/693 etC) or just build another case of "Evidence" to show the USCIS officer? I am not too worried about the interview, since we have known each other a long time, etc. However, the only issue for me is my medical, which was taken Jan 2018 prior to PD, and it has been 18 months. Thank you for all the support, Best-
  6. I finally have our interview on Aug 1, 2019. PD was Jan 2018. My Medical was in Dec, 2017. Do I have anything to worry about? regarding the medical. In addition, so much has changed in that time. Do I bring in the duplicate copy, or do I update it? We have many more combined assets. Any tips on what to bring?
  7. I am finally having my interview in Seattle on Aug 1, 2019. Priority Date Jan-2018.
  8. Was informed by USCIS that it should be automatic, however you would receive a letter. Small issue, I applied with my origional 765/131 at our old address in NC. We are now in WA. I applied for my renewal with our updated address and received a NOA here in WA. They also said, its 4.5-6 month wait, so I may be out of luck from June 13 until 4.5-6 months from March 8 (Sep 8). MY current employer wouldnt have an issue and will most likely keep paying me, however, applying for this secondary position. It may be difficult.
  9. Yep - def did renewal. Also included copies of old paperwork and barcode, photocopies of EAD/AP card.
  10. Hi all, In short, currently waiting for green card interview (PD 1/12/2018). My origional EAD/AP card expires 6/13/2019. I was told by USCIS that if I apply for renewal, it will automatically renew for 6 months once you receive a confirmation receipt (i-797). However, when I received the paperwork from USCIS, it was for a new case number (MSC1990*******). I have many questions about this and now USCIS has changed the way you can call them, its super difficult to get through. Did my origional 765 get extended (Case Status MSC1890******) or is it actually a whole new application What happens if it is not approved before 6/13/2019 - do I need to stop working? How do i verify to new exployers that I can work? I have the card, however, I do a summer job when not teaching and they need copies of my EAD card? Anyone have tips on how I can get on the phone with USCIS? Any help would be much appreciated.
  11. Here too. Transferred in June 2018, however, my PD is Jan 2018.
  12. Nope, Jan 16 - 2018. However we moved from NC to WA. So in Seattle there is a 15-23 month wait, currently working at August 2017, so have a little time.
  13. Does anyone know if I need to sign the back of the passport photos? https://www.nyu.edu/content/dam/nyu/globalServices/documents/forms/students/inboundtonyc/PhotoRequirementsforEADapplication.pdf
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